The Moto Garage.

Not to be confused with a regular garage though many enjoy both concurrently.

It's a tranquil but sometimes not so quiet sanctuary for anyone who rides dirt bikes and enjoys wrenching on simple maintenance tasks such as oil changes to more complex operations like a full engine rebuild. And, you don't need to race Motocross to commission a Motocross Garage. If you ride dirt bikes and plan to complete some or most maintenance jobs you need a Moto Garage. But a complete Moto Garage (or any garage for that matter) requires specific supplies and equipment that enable you to work with your hands and execute DIY projects.

Never mind the tools and spare parts. Yes, all those help make up the Moto Garage, just like a hammer and nails help shape a regular garage, but first you need a framework and the supplies to house not only the tools but to provide an effective and efficient way to use all the tools. As such, we have come up with an essential list of dirt bike related wares to help build the perfect Moto Garage.

Dirt Bike Stand

A dirt bike stand makes it easier to work on your ride but also acts as the preferred method for storage. When not in use, leave your dirt bike on a stand to prevent degradation issues with the tires and suspension. Of course a few days here and there resting on the garage floor poses little to no harm but a long term slumber requires a stand. And don't leave your bike lying on its side barely raised off the ground by one end of the handlebars like you rested your bicycle as a kid when visiting a friend down the street.

A dirt bike stand is the proper way to rest your bike when not riding

Oil pan

You might already have one for draining the oil in your car so consider yourself a step ahead if so. An oil pan allows you to easily drain used oil, radiator fluid, brake fluid, and fork fluid (or any liquid you replace on the bike) in an environmentally friendly manner of disposal. Most auto shops offer free dumping of used auto and motorcycle fluid otherwise check with your county of residence for appropriate locations.

Tool Box

We like a tool box verses a shelf and cabinet system for the Moto Garage because you can transport the box to the track or trails. No judgement here if you decide on both configurations because little else looks slicker than organized cabinetry filled with all the tools needed to ride another day.


You don't ride without a helmet nor should you wrench without gloves.

Gloves keep your hands free from toxic substances and travel well when not working in your Moto Garage

Tech Book/Service Manual

Find recommended service intervals and OEM specifications along with step-by-step details to perform routine and complex engine work on your dirt bike inside a service manual. A general maintenance book covers routine servicing for all makes and models and an OEM factory service manual provides model specific specs and data.


A cart acts as a moveable shelf allowing easy access to tools when hands-deep inside the engine housing.

Swivel chair

A bike stand raises your dirt bike off the ground but not enough to prevent a hunchback. Work on a bike leaned over for an hour or two don't expect an enjoyable ride day tomorrow or the next day depending on your age. A swivel chair with wheels allows you to effectively and conveniently move around the garage and your dirt bike without repeatedly standing and sitting or adjusting your seat in a static chair. Think economy of motion and store the saved energy for riding day.

Tire Changing Stand

A tire changing stand indeed rises to your level giving you optimum leverage over the sometimes painstaking task of changing tires. If you have ever changed a tire on the garage floor then switched to a tire changing stand did you ever go back to the floor? Case closed.

Once you use a tire changing stand you'll never go back to however you changed tires before

Parts Washer

Easier, less hazardous and more effective than a sink (plus many garages don't have a sink) a parts washer allows you to efficiently clean parts without leaving the garage and making a mess or trekking in toxic substances to the house mud room or bathroom sink.

Mat (optional)

Sometimes you need to sit on the floor and a pit mat or floor mat gives you a bit of cushion while inspecting the clutch or drive of your dirt bike. But, in all honestly, the pit mat looks really cool (the factory teams use them) and turns your Moto Garage into the ultimate outdoor man cave where you just happen to work on your dirt bikes.

Refrigerator (not optional)

Do we really need to tell you what goes inside a garage refrigerator?

Once you have these components in place you have the frame work for the ultimate Moto Garage. Stock with tools and spare parts, now organize everything so you know where to find the T-handles, torque wrench, oil filter and brake pads without spending half a day looking for the tire spoons you swear were right over there. Somewhere.

Now that you have set-up your Moto Garage find out what tools and parts you need to make it fully functional: