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Some of the most sacrificing dads, when it comes to time and especially money, are the Moto Dads. To ride motocross you need to be dedicated to the sport and have dedicated support around you. Most, if not all, moto professionals got their start as youngsters - when they needed someone to pay for all the gear, repair their bikes, haul their bikes, and most of all be their #1 fan.

Just like every other sport, moto dads can really get into it. Soccer has their dads roaming the sidelines, baseball dads yell from the bleachers and you can pretty much figure out the dad of the player who just made a great or bad play on the football field. Moto Dads are no different. They're passionate and they want their kid to win!

So, on this Thanksgiving week, let's give thanks to all the Moto Dads! Now let's figure out how to identify them. Thanks to all who responded. Here are some of our favorite responses to You know You're a Moto Dad When...

Les Briscoe says: "Buy the bikes, pay entry fees, gate fees, wash and maintain bikes, buy parts, prep starting gate and tell your kid they did great no matter what place they get in a race."

Blake Cornwell says: "Up all night before a race day to get a bike put back together."

Ross Cannon says: "You bought your son's first bike months before he was born."

Justin Davis says: "You get more upset about your son's race results than they do."

Ryan Dancik says: "He has a raspy voice from screaming all the time because he's vicariously trying to live through his kid!"

Scott LaVance says: "You sell the family home buy a camper and tell junior that if he doesn't win the family doesn't eat."

Anthony Reininger says: "When you prep his gate all the way into the first turn with a rake and water."

Michael Michalenko says: "Take parts off your bike so your son or daughter can race!"

Chris Martin says: "When you spend the whole night before a race splitting cases and replacing cranks in the race trailer while everyone else is sleeping."

Jeromy Wade Lucas says "Everyone is eating breakfast before the race and you are prepping bikes."

Trevor Lupardus says: "Behind that smile you will still give a few pointers for next race."

David Beveridge says: "Whether he wins or comes in 30th you always tell him he did great and always tell him you love him and good luck at the gate."

Gerard Abbatte says: "You're at the finish line before your son/daughter."

Thanks to all who commented. A few Moto Moms provided some great responses so stay tuned for a You Know You're a Moto Mom When...

Written By: AndrewT