Shoei's history in helmets goes back to 1954 with the Kamata Polyester Co. which first produced helmets for the construction industry. In 1959, Eitaro Kamata founded Shoei to make general safety helmets and then in 1960 the manufacture of motorcycle helmets began. Shoei's first motorcycle racing helmet debuted in 1963 and the company's first full-face helmet appeared in 1967.

Today, Shoei is an industry leading higher-end motorcycle and dirt bike helmet manufacturer. Shoei makes two dirt bike helmets and markets the VFX-W as the "absolute pinnacle of off-road helmets." Considering the features packed into this thing it's pretty hard to disagree with that sentiment.

Check this out: Shoei uses their proprietary AIM+ technology to construct the shell. This technology combines fiberglass with organic fibers that prove to be so strong only a laser can cut through it. The V-430 Sleek advisor - developed by Shoei sponsored riders - offers greater protection from the sun and roost, and is mounted for easier breakaway. The dual-layer EPS liner enhances impact absorption. Certainly, we could go on and on with all the features this helmet brings to the track but we're not the only ones enthralled by the VFX-W.

Motocross Action Magazine gave this helmet FIVE stars a feat only accomplished by one other helmet - the Arai VX-Pro3. In their review, MAM happily noted the absence of snap-on plastic vents and the improved visor which stays put when landing jumps. The helmet proved to be the best fitting Shoei helmet ever tried on by their crew, though it was noted, actually getting the helmet on is a hassle.

Transworld Motocross found the helmet did a good job of muffling noise and the ventilation system provided the necessary airflow to keep cool on hot days. The helmet was also noted for being lightweight however the scoop on the back made wearing some neck braces difficult. If you're looking for a high-end helmet, Transworld said to look no further than the Shoei VFX-W.

Shoei's eye catching graphics did not take a backseat on this helmet. MotoSport carries eight graphic lines in a variety of colors to fit every taste including a solid color for those who prefer subtlety. The Shoei VFX-W is one of the higher end helmets on the market and ranges in price from $420 to $590. There is truth in the saying - you get what you pay for - and with Shoei that saying couldn't be more true.

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