Cycling (road and mountain biking) have become popular for off the MX bike training. I have discovered that many trainers and riders overdo this form of supplement training. This is because they do too much cycling instead of more Motocross specific training. Cycling works the body's structure very differently from the way it's used for riding Motocross. Cycling is great for cardio and muscle endurance in the legs, but it does have some downsides for Motocross training.

Two of the biggest negatives are it does nothing for the core and upper body, and it works the legs for endurance, not strength. In Motocross, your legs and core are your foundation. They need to have a lot of structural strength. This is where you support your body weight. At the same time, your upper body (arms, shoulders, chest and back) need to have some strength, but more importantly, muscle endurance. This is because your upper body has to constantly be moving in order to maintain the center of balance. In my Motocross schools, I coined the phrase, "tight legs, loose arms." If you don't ride this way, and support a good percentage of your weight on the handlebars (with your arms) you will pump up. You'll also be riding a bike that is top heavy.

I'm not saying that cycling should be totally avoided, but don't make it your main supplement training method. Instead, do more strength training for your legs and core. For your upper body, do a small percentage of strength training with more cardio training that involves the upper body like running and swimming. The best are light weight and cardio circuits.

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Here's a video showing some motocross sports specific exercises.

Ride hard, ride smart and have fun,

Gary Semics

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