The gas tank on your dirt bike holds approximately two gallons - some a little more, some a little less.

It doesn't sound like much but it's plenty to get most riders through a full Moto and for trail riders it allows for a decent ride before needing a return to camp for a fill-up. Often times, refueling can be a nice break to refuel yourself but it doesn't change the fact that stopping your ride to gas up is disrupting, can ruin momentum and for many riders they'd prefer to go on for hours if possible.

Well, it actually is possible in some cases but depending on your riding style you might just need the basics or a completely new setup to help get you where you want to go. If you're in the middle of an enduro or long range off-road type of competition ,then seconds count, and if you're stuck in the pits taking even just 10 seconds longer than the next guy to grab a splash of gas, that can be the difference between standing center podium or to the right or worse, watching from the grandstands.

Motocross/Supercross Fueling Options

When racing Motocross the need for a large tank is unnecessary. There are no pit stops and adding additional bulk to your ride can be cumbersome not to mention the unwanted extra weight. A larger tank plus an extra gallon of fuel adds about 10 pounds. Stick with your current setup.


Participating in hare scrambles or other long distance riding competitions requires an oversized gas tank. These tanks come in two forms: Replace your stock tank with a larger one or add an auxiliary tank to your handlebars.

The handlebar fuel tank is more cost effective but it can be awkward and some riders don't like the idea of possibly doing a face plant into a tank of gas though the setup siphons off the gas from the handlebar tank before the regular tank, if that's any consolation. However, the handlebar tank offers less than a gallon of additional fuel which doesn't cut if for some races.

On to Fueling

Every second counts in both Moto and off-road events, however, only one provides pit stops in the middle of a race and it's not Motocross. Many long distance style races exist under a variety of different names and to compete you need fuel and a lot of it. Riding your Motocross equipped dirt bike in an enduro only gets you so far without some upgrades. Therefore, the serious off-roader opts for a trail style dirt bike equipped with the necessary accessories to rip through forest floors.

So, in addition to other parts an off-road or trail bike brings, like a larger fuel tank, refilling that tank faster than your competition is actually part of training and practice for the professionals.

If you're a weekend warrior it's unlikely you'll need what's called a "dry break system" on your dirt bike. The professionals use these and if a Championship is on the line like the Grand National Cross Country series it's a must-have.

The dry break system actually has nothing to do with the brakes. It's about getting your fuel tank filled in seconds without spilling gas everywhere including on the rider! This system allows you to rapidly empty a gas can into the dirt bike's fuel tank. The specially designed fuel jug is equipped with a stop gap type of contraption so you can pick the jug up, pop it on the fuel opening and let the fuel out. When you remove the can any fuel left inside remains there without spilling all over the place because of the stop gap.

The dry break system in action

The serious rider who competes more as a hobby but still looking for the extra edge might find VP Racing hoses an economical alternative. It's not as elaborate as the dry break system but is cheaper. The quick fill lid replaces the regular stock spout of just about any ordinary gas can. During a pit stop, one person can rapidly fill while the rider gets a new set of goggles or a face wipe down. Once done pull the gas can out and the flow of fuel stops. No more wasting time by carefully removing the spout and trying to avoid spillage. But best of all no more spillage!

If you're super tight for cash and want to really make a statement the final alternative to quickly fueling your ride whether it's between Motos or in the pits or carrying extra gas with you on the trails is the old Gatorade bottle trick. Actually you can use just about any plastic bottle with a wide mouth. Fill these up with gas bring 'em with you and give your ride some much needed nourishment. They're a sweet petite - easily concealable, easily transportable.