Roughest Motocross Tracks

Some of the roughest and toughest motocross tracks are located all over the country. However, one track that may be a challenge for one rider may come easy to another. Let's narrow it down and discuss a few that can be challenging for various reasons.

Whether it's the motocross track design, level of experience of the rider, track conditions or a combination of all three, difficult motocross tracks are designed for exacting the most out of the rider and the bike. They're definitely not designed for a quick, leisurely ride on a track with a couple of bumps along the way.

The Ridge Off Road Riding Park

As motocross tracks go, this one located in Springville, AL has a little bit of everything. Riders have approximately 30 miles of terrain that include open fields, creeks, tight wooded areas, hills and rocky roads along with changing elevations.

Ace Motocross

Modena, NY is the setting for racing enthusiasts at this competitive track complete with tabletops, flat-out straight-aways and twists and turns to keep the adrenaline pumping.

Swan Raceway Park

The motocross track design for Swan Raceway Park located in Tyler, TX meet the needs of avid riders. The park has served the motorcycle community for more than 40 years and features an extensive track filled with twists, turns, jumps and bumps providing an exhilarating and challenging ride.

Thunder Valley Motocross

Located in Lakewood, CO, riders have 130 acres in the foothills of the Rockies to tackle an impressive track and jumps. The park can accommodate more than 700 riders in the pit, and offers training sessions and scheduled events throughout the year.

TNT Motorsports Park

South Carolina has its own park with a motocross track design that keep riders of all levels interested and coming back for more. Choose from three trails each with challenging terrain.


With a challenging motocross track design including step-ups, camel backs, expansive tabletop and sand rollers, riders will feel the heat when gearing up to tackle this 75-acre track in Kemp, TX.

Cub Run MX Playground

When it comes to motocross tracks with an attitude, Cub Run takes riders to another level for riders of all ages and skill levels. The Munfordville, KY track features an uphill stair step, tabletops, and step-ups and step-downs. Changes to the track are frequent to keep it interesting as well as challenging.

Honey Lake MX

Looks are deceiving at this beautiful track in Milford, CA. A gently rolling hillside environment gives the impression of ease but Honey Lake has the reputation as one of the toughest tracks in the U.S. Riders feel free as a bird when negotiating the one-mile track featuring an impressive 400-foot vertical rise.

There are many more motocross tracks across the U.S. that offer riders an unforgettable ride. This short list covers some of the busiest from the east coast to the west coast. Enjoy the ride!