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Q: Any tips on a quick fix for damaged dirt bike grips? I tried stretching the life out of a pair during a recent race only to have them start to unravel during practice and I did not have a spare set. My race didn’t go well.

A. Well first off have a set of new grips in your tool box. Second of all, when riding don’t think you need to wear our every pillow of your pillow top grips before buying a new pair! I suppose you know that already.

OK, the next time this happens, (it really shouldn’t because you will learn from experience, right?) or others who fail to heed the above advice can now at least live through your mistake.

What’s in your tool box? Clearly not a fresh set of dirt bike grips - but how about grip glue? Or even better - super glue. Use super glue to cement down any strips of grip that have come loose. This works better than grip glue but if you only have grip glue then use it. You can stop here, if comfortable, and take your chances otherwise add an extra layer of protection with grip wire to fully clamp down on ripped pieces of grip. Beware of those needle point ends that might come in contact with your hands. Clamp down the wire ends where you least likely need your fingers to dig in for maximum handling and control, otherwise don’t expect to ride very hard or expect some bloody hands and fingers by mid-race.

Finally, duct tape also works but you may find the method above works best. If you use duct tape, roll several layers around the grip, don’t cut off the amount needed to cover ripped grip. Basically, duct tape becomes your new grips. Understand you won’t get the same grip strength but at least you can hold on. If the bar end of the grips has ripped off, duct tape does work well as a cover for that area.

All of this applies for repairing ATV grips, too!