One of the most trusted names in handlebars went back to the drawing board and developed a brand new set that reduces a significant amount of weight without comprising strength or integrity.

The Renthal R-Works Fatbar 36 weighs in 36 percent lighter than the standard 28mm diameter Fatbar, the reigning Champ in terms of the lightest dirt bike handlebar on the market. For its title grabbing challenger, Renthal uses a proprietary Zarilium material to offer a high-strength handlebar at the lowest possible weight. Sounds like something out of a Superman movie but Zarilium is a new aluminum alloy exclusive to Renthal that offers a 20 percent greater ultimate tensile strength than their previous used aluminum alloy.

Oh great, so I gotta go buy a bunch of new controls and stuff, right? Nope. The Renthal Fatbar 36 tapers down to 22mm at each end so it works with standard controls. However, the R-Works Fatbar 36 does require a new clamping standard of 35mm so your current 22mm or 28mm clamps will not work with the Fatbar 36.

Therefore, we sell the Renthal R-Works Fatbar 36 as a combo with the appropriate sized bar mounts. So yes it will cost you a bit more but the results more than make up for the cost difference.

Renthal Fatbar 36 Benefits

Reducing the weight of your dirt bike allows better performance during acceleration, braking, cornering and jumping because all these force you to work against the weight of your bike. Less weight means less work and improved lap times. The Renthal Fatbar 36 reduces total weight from 220 to 240 grams depending on bend. When you perform at a high level or looking for ways to get there, every gram adds up.

Click the link to order or get more information on the Renthal Fatbar 36 with bar mounts or if you prefer to purchase separately see the Renthal Fatbar 36 handlebar page.