Ronnie Mac is a sort of man, not so much a myth and more of a legend in his own mind. His peculiar style of riding endears him to many fans and makes others question his sobriety and even his actual ability riding dirt bikes.

Despite his failure to qualify or at least his unwillingness to compete in Motocross, Mac garners a popular following and ranks up along with Ryan Villopoto, Ryan Dungey, Trey Canard, and Ken Roczen as one of the most popular riders in Motocross today - or at least that's what he thinks.

Mac has no regional or even local MX wins anywhere and a records search indicates he's never actually competed in any sanctioned dirt bike race. Even his #69 is not AMA-approved. The only available records are for his most recent arrest which coincidentally was captured live on camera during a video shoot.

Mac somehow manages to maintain a friendship with Jimmy Albertson and Brett Cue plus an interesting if not unconventional relationship with Albertson's wife, Georgia. All of this support keeps him riding from dawn till dusk and nearly 365 days a year.

Age: 25

Years Riding Pro: 0

What age did you start riding and on what: Huh?

What do you ride now: Anything that moves

Hometown: Shawnee, OK

Career Highlights: Being the baddest somva (female dog) on two wheels

Other sports participated in: Beer Mile

Other hobbies/interests: Georgia Albertson

1. How come we never see your face?

(Expletive). You want to see my face? I can show my face anytime I want. Here, look at my face (female dog). You got that? People see my face all the time. I got gear on when I ride man. You don't see no Trey Canard takin' off all his gear when he's riding do ya?

2. You seem to have an inflated sense of yourself - do you really think you can compete with the best in Motocross?

First off, I'm not sure what you mean by that whole inflated sense of self comment. If you're asking about my skills on the dirt bike, damn straight I'm a fine rider. I take on the best anywhere, anytime, anyplace.

3. Then how come we never see you racing in Outdoors? You're not even attempting to qualify. The name Ronnie Mac never appears on the entry list.

Are you (expletive) me? (Expletive). You think I can't take those guys? Ronnie Mac riding Outdoors is like a professional ball player taking up Little League. Waste 'o my time.

4. It appears as though you're intoxicated when riding. Is that for show because the cameras are on or have you thrown back one to many PBRs?

Cameras? What? (Expletive). You know the saying I drive better when I'm drunk? Same rule applies to ole Ronnie Mac when he's riding. Nuthin' like a six-pack of ice cold brew to help me focus.

5. Though you have no championships to your name or any wins in any race for that matter you are quite popular with kids - don't you have an obligation to be a role model to younger riders?

Well of course man. I'm a great role model. Kids look up to me because... look at all my sponsors. You know what I said, sponsors sponsor the best. Why wouldn't I be looked up to? Wait, what did you say? (Expletive) off. And (expletive) you too. No championships? You think I don't have no championships cause I suck? Is that what you're sayin'? You know what kind of champion I am with the ladies?

6. How do you know Brett Cue and Jimmy Albertson?

Back when those two were dating, yeah that's right, I said it, boy. That name of a state English girl was coming around here tryin' to figure out who to get with. You know she's a tiger that one.

7. Tell us about your arrest.

Oh that, man. Officer Bacon had this arrest quota to fill. He hadn't gotten any in quite some time, or very many arrests, and apparently ole Chief Wiggum was comin' down hard on him. Turns out, they let Mr. Ronald Mac loose on a technicality. Officer Bacon is in the fryer, sizzlin' back at the station house.

8. You were a no-show at Monster Cup. Couldn't make bail?

What did I just say to you, man? I said I got out on a technicality. They got nuthin' on me. All sponsors intact, Ronnie Mac on the attack.

9. OK, so what about Monster Cup?

What? What the (expletive)? What do you mean, what about Monster Cup?

At this point in the interview, Ronnie Mac started throwing things and taking swings. Thankfully, he didn't hit anybody, but after his attempted fisticuffs he jumped on his bike and rode off with one hand displaying some more vulgarity.