Welcome to Round 3 of our HOT or NOT feature from the 2012 Monster Energy Supercross series. We saw lots of new faces inside the top 10 in both classes, read below to see who made our HOT list for the weekend and who fell short.

450 HOT or NOT

Chad Reed - HOT - He passed Stewart straight up and checked out by leading the final 15 laps of the race like a true stud. HOT? Is there even a question?

Ryan Dungey - HOT - Three podiums in three weeks on a new bike and the points lead in the championship can only equal one thing, this dude is flipping on fire!

James Stewart - NOT - Sure, it was his first podium of the season, but his crash in the main and the fact that he got straight up passed by Reed left us yearning for more out of Stewart yet again.

Ryan Villopoto - NOT - Yes, he blazed through the pack like a wild stallion, but he can't keep putting himself in such poor situations off the start if he wants to win back-to-back titles.

Brett Metcalfe - HOT - Metty put in his first top five ride of the season, which, considering his competition is about the best anyone can expect from the likeable Aussie.

Davi Millsaps - HOT - It's not great, but it is an improvement.

Josh Hansen - HOT - We wondered if Hanny would be able to improve with a good start? He answered that with by breaking his 10th place finishes in the two opening rounds with a 7th in L.A. Bravo, Mr. Hansen. Now we'll expect you to do it again in Oakland.

Broc Tickle - HOT - After not making the main in Phoenix Tickle had a lot of pressure on his shoulders in L.A. He answered in a big way with a top 10 overall.

Kevin Windham - HOT - Windham had trouble getting into the groove after witnessing what happened to his teammate, Trey Canard and Ryan Morais. Completely understandable and we commend him for even getting back on the gate.

Mike Alessi - NOT - Normally a top 10 would get Alessi on the HOT list, but after the potential he's shown in his heat races, we feel he might be capable of more.

250 HOT or NOT

Eli Tomac - HOT - Anything but a win would have put Eli on our NOT list. Lucky for him he dominated all 15 laps like a true Boss.

Dean Wilson - HOT - He didn't get the best start, but he kept his cool and made his way into 2nd. It was a solid ride for Dean-o and we can't wait until he and Tomac get off the gate together.

Zach Osborne. - HOT - The only thing not HOT about Osborne is that he will be leaving the series after Oakland. We can't wait to have him in the states full time in 2013.

Tyla Rattray - NOT - If Rattray is going to win this title he's going to do it on consistency. Fourth isn't bad, but he needs to rack up podiums every chance he gets.

Jason Anderson - NOT - He started off the season with two 7th place finishes. He improved upon that with his first top five of his career. HOT? We think so.

Max Anstie - 6th - Anstie is turning heads once again here in the states after a slow start at A1. Will we see him back full time in the near future?

Michael Leib - HOT - We certainly didn't pin Michael Leib as a top seven guy heading into L.A., but we certainly will moving forward. Staying healthy will be his key to success this season.

Matt Moss - HOT - After what happened in Phoenix Moss needed a strong recover, he got that by working his way from 16th into 8th.

Martin Davalos - NOT - He was starring down the barrel of a podium before he let it slip away with a crash in a corner.

Billy Laninovich - HOT - Watch out, because Billy Lilly is getting more confident. Congrats to him on his first top 10 of the season.