There are only two ways to place your feet on the footpegs, either on the balls of the feet or on the arches. The most common way is on the arches. Just check the bottoms of your boots. I'll tell you right up front that being comfortable riding on the balls of the feet takes a lot of practice. But when a rider does become comfortable with this technique there are three benefits to it.

  1. You have more body travel.
  2. You won't hit the shifter or rear brake by accident.
  3. You won't get your feet ripped off the foot pegs from your toe hitting the dirt.

As I said, for this technique to become natural its takes a lot of the correct type of practice. So don't throw it out the window if you really want to learn the correct way.

It's kind of like downhill skiing. It's easier to keep your feet farther apart when you are a beginner but the pros keep their skis closer together. One place the Motocross pros are always on the balls of their feet is through the whoops. If it can be done through the whoops it can be done anywhere on the track.

Ryan Villopoto in a straight back position; Top Photo - foot position on your basic jump

The only exception is if you're going to land hard from a jump or even case a jump. In this circumstance you would want to be on the arches of your feet so you don't sprain your ankles. Just make sure you have your toes pointed out a little so you don't hit the shifter or rear brake by accident. It all comes with knowing the correct techniques and a lot of quality practice time. Have you checked the bottoms of your boots lately?

Riders, even older riders, can learn new techniques and break bad habits. There are practice strategies and methods to do it. But most riders don't want to change, don't believe they can and don't know how.

Once my pro career was over (1985) I started doing motocross schools. It wasn't until then that I started to realize how many bad habits I had. I wanted to correct them because I had to in order to teach well. If I could do it after all those years of racing, anyone can. The key is you have to want to.

It's easier to do what you already know how to do. These habits are programmed into your subconscious. You just do them automatically. In order to do something different it takes a lot more mental and physical effort. Most riders go to the practice track and do laps. That's okay sometimes, but not all the time. Problem is they're making the same mistakes (bad techniques) over and over, not learning anything better. Anyway, that's a big subject. Oh yea, that's why I produced 28 Motocross Technique and Training DVDs/Streams and still growing.

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