Club Name: Tacoma Motorcycle Club

Year Founded: 1910

Number of Members: Currently 84 regular members, five lifetime members and 12 JR members

Home city: Tacoma, WA


Member dues: $50 year plus 150 hrs of work

1. Tacoma MC has been around a while! How has the club changed over the decades?

Sporting events like racing and field meets and hills climbs were the focus in the 30s and 40s. In 1947, we bought land for a new clubhouse and dirt track. Later, we moved to the Graham District where the Graham Speedway was built on 80 acres of land. On Fridays we hosted AMA professional racing for 15 years until we moved again when property values went up.

2. Do you know where you rank as far as oldest club in the US?

I believe top 10, our AMA number is 58. I have found an article from 1912 stating that "Clinton Hull, president of TMC, has been succeeded by John McGain."

3. Membership looks to be all-inclusive as far as types of riders, what do the majority of members ride?

Both dirt and street, we have racers from vintage to modern off road categories, flat track racers and vintage to modern street riders.

4. Tacoma MC hosts three big events - What is the difference between the Wet Duck and the Dry Duck?

The wet duck is an Off Road Poker Run with dirt bikes. The 18th annual Wet Duck was held on May 12. We donate $3 of each entry fee to the Tahuya State Forest for ground maintenance. The Dry Duck is a Street Poker Run with street bikes which will be held later this year.

5. The 29th annual Dino Daze is in June - What's this event and how many people compete?

Dinosaur Daze is a vintage/almost vintage motocross and flat track racing (open to all bikes). We have had as many as 100 riders in the motocross and attendance up to 500 people.

6. What other events/activities does the club host?

Mainly inner club events such as campouts and rides.

7. What is Tacoma MC's biggest contribution to motorcycling riding?

We helped bring motorcycle racing to Washington, including "board" racing and flat track racing. Some of our history includes riders such as Red Farwell, Gwen Myers and Washington State Motorcycle Hall of Fame 2013 Legend inductee Buck Murphy.

8. Why join the Tacoma MC?

It is a family orientated Motorcycle Club that promotes riding and racing of motorcycles. We hold lots of inner club rides and support each other at races, including Virginia City and The Desert 100.