The coronavirus hit the 2020 Supercross season this week as the Seattle date for Round 13 at the end of the month was canceled but with the expectation it will take place somewhere else at a later date. And rumors swirl that the show will go on for Saturday's Indianapolis Supercross but without fans in attendance for Round 11.

Regardless of your take on whether to carry on as scheduled, just cancel the season already, postpone dates or hold races without fans to ensure the 2020 Supercross season has a bone fide Champion without an asterisk, the virus has impacted our industry leaving many in limbo and without much to do on Saturday night.


We have come up with some solutions to scratch that racing itch and fill the void left in your Saturday evenings if you planned to attend any remaining rounds that will go on sans the fans or (aghast!) the season comes to a close early. Pop on Elton John's "Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting" and read on!

Cooper Webb getting blasted by sand at Atlanta Supercross

Tips to Handling Any Impact from Coronavirus to the 2020 Supercross Season

1. Hold a Viewing Party with 250 People or Less

Because the coronavirus apparently only spreads when 251 or more people congregate (at least in Washington and Oregon) grab 249 of your closest friends and watch at home. Or go to a bar, count the number of patrons before entering and if no more than 249 have tested fate, hang out there if the bartender allows for Supercross to air on one of the TVs. A good chance this happens because all the other "sports" have suspended their season.

2. Go Ride

Take this break from watching Supercross, get off the couch and go ride. Get some seat time, man! It may or may not be true that the coronavirus cannot infiltrate through race gas fumes nor can it keep up with the pace of weekend warrior speed.

3. Buy Real Beer

If you currently drink the swill called Corona then take this opportunity to eliminate anything Corona related from your life and grab a six pack of (just fill in the blank with anything else.)

4. Blame Donald Trump

Angry about the cancellation/postponement of your favorite sport? Then why break precedence? Blame President Donald Trump. Pearl Jam did. Oh those silly guys! With their politics fueled concerts (that drag on and on and on). Blame Trump has become a new pastime for many in the country so join the party and get your frustrations out on the man who was nowhere near Wuhan, China when the outbreak started. You know he could have at least assessed travel restrictions from ground zero a while ago. Oh wait...

5. Start a Conspiracy Theory

Here are some suggestions:

  • Eli Tomac can only win a 450 class Supercross Championship in a shortened season.
  • Remember that virus Ken Roczen had last year?
  • Cooper Webb requires more time off to heal from his somersault flip on the bike if he wants to defend his Championship.
  • JGR needs time away from the track.
  • Feld needs an easy and hands out of the cookie jar way to finally end the Outdoors and add rounds to the Supercross season in the coming years. Scheduling postponed races affected by coronavirus during the Motocross season pretty much effectively accomplishes this effort.

6. Buy Toilet Paper

In the event of a pandemic it is always good to have ample supply of toilet paper. Don't tell anyone, OK? Seriously, keep this on the down low. But, before word gets out, head to Costco or your nearest store and stock up on toilet paper like you better stock up on dirt bike oil filters that you buy from MotoSport. (Click link, wink, wink)

7. Watch On Any Sunday

Watch the classic movie On Any Sunday from 1971 and wonder why it's not called "On Any Saturday" because, um, that's when we have racing. Also why does Any Given Sunday get more notoriety?

8. Get Ready for Outdoors

Despite the conspiracy theory now running rampant (thanks to some dumb article floating around) the 2020 Lucas Oil Motocross Motocross Championship series will commence as planned in just a few short months. Depending on your go-to website, the Outdoors is the preferred demonstration of dirt bike racing by fans anyway so now you have a reason to look past all the bar-banging excitement witnessed in Supercross this year.

9. Argue Over the Validity of the Eventual 2020 Supercross Champion

With all the disruption, fans not in attendance, and riders not signing autographs, whoever gets crowned Champion may or may not have deserved it. Even better...

If by the time you read this the 2020 Supercross season has been canceled and a de facto Champion declared, pour over Rounds 1 through 11 and argue amongst yourselves if said winner truly deserved it.

10. Or Just Live Your Life

Just go with the flow. Like a twig on the shoulders of a mighty stream.

And wash your hands.