2023 San Diego Supercross Recap

Dear Eli Tomac,

How are you? I am fine. How is your dad? And your wife and kids? Thanks for coming back to race this year! I watched Round 2 (or is it technically Round 3 because Round 2 at Oakland was postponed because of weather until Feb. 18?) of the 2023 Monster Energy Supercross season on Saturday at Snapdragon Stadium in San Diego and you look as dialed in as any season in the last 10 years.

Two straight wins to start the season and already well on your way to defending your 450 class 2022 Supercross title. Great job! Usually, you start kind of rough before getting your bearings then rip off a bunch of wins. This year, however, you open the year with two wins - even crashing at the opening round two weeks ago! - and no one except for maybe Cooper Webb has much in the tank to run alongside your Yamaha. GREAT pass by the way when you got around Webb for the lead.

Did you like racing in Snapdragon Stadium? A new venue in San Diego replacing Petco Park and first stadium there since you guys last raced Qualcomm in 2014 (your rookie year in the 450 class, by the way). Well, thanks again for putting off retirement, but I did want to ask - If things continue in your favor for the rest of the season do you think maybe you'll race Outdoors to defend your 2022 Motocross title? I know you're on the fence about it. And, I know it's a stretch, but how about returning in 2024? It looks like you're having lots of fun!



P.S. You only beat Webb by less than two seconds, granted you both dealt with some lappers and likely you geared down somewhat cruising towards the finish. But the 2021 Supercross Champ clearly has his heart back in the race with two second-place finishes to start the season after an apathetic seventh overall last year.

I know you know, but Justin Barcia finished third on Saturday for his first podium since Detroit last year fending off a somewhat feisty Ken Roczen who maybe ultimately wanted nothing to do with the rider known as BamBam. Barcia had a run-in with Jason Anderson, well actually Anderson had a run-in with Barcia in their Heat race, while Barcia knocked Chase Sexton down in the Main but later sort of apologized. I'm pretty sure people were secretly hoping for some type of Barcia retribution against Anderson but Anderson couldn't keep it on two wheels and dropped from podium contention midway through the race. Sexton took fifth. Oh! Did you see Sexton's crash in the Heat race? Got smashed into by another rider puncturing the gas tank and he needed the LCQ to make it a night.

Speaking of Anderson, he doesn't seem like the rider who kept you honest in 2022 and nearly grabbed the title. He's finished seventh in both rounds raced this year.

Not that you care, but here are the 450 class standings through the first two rounds.

2023 450 Class Supercross Season Standings

  1. Eli Tomac (52)
  2. Cooper Webb (46)
  3. Chase Sexton (39)
  4. Ken Roczen (37)
  5. Dylan Ferrandis (36)

P.S.S. You're not the only one to start the season with two wins. In the 250 West Class, no rider seems to have much for Jett Lawrence either. The 2022 250 East Champion has dominated so far in the West this year. He's grabbed both holeshots and led all 35 laps so far on the year. No one has come close to this guy. I'm guessing he goes undefeated (which I'm kind of hoping for you but that's a pretty hard ask), however, don't count out RJ Hampshire and Cameron Mcadoo who have rolled up second and third place, respectively, in both races.

In fact, in San Diego, Lawrence, Hampshire and Mcadoo crossed the checkers within about five seconds of each other, but fourth-place Enzo Lopes finished nearly 30 seconds back of Mcadoo. With Austin Forkner crashing out in Round 1 most people figured Lawrence will easily wrap up the title but, as you know, one little mistake might be all Hampshire or Mcadoo need to make this a season.

Again, you probably don't care but here are the 250 West standings through two rounds.

2023 250 West Class Supercross Season Standings

  1. Jett Lawrence (52)
  2. RJ Hampshire (46)
  3. Cameron Mcadoo (42)
  4. Enzo Lopes (36)
  5. Mitchell Oldenburg (35)

Just as a reminder, technically Round 3 (but actually Round 4 - this postponement of Round 2 is really going to confuse things) of the 2023 Supercross season returns to Anaheim on Saturday at Angel Stadium. You also might want to get some rest this week because A2 is a Triple Crown race!

I've included some photos of San Diego Supercross. Enjoy!

2023 San Diego Supercross