Sometimes you get what you pay for and handing over the extra cash is well worth your investment when it comes to SKF bearings and seals. Not only does SKF boast some of the most reliable products on the market but the company's mud scraper is made of proprietary material, is easy to install and provides extra protection thus increasing the life of your fork seals.

If it's time to change your dirt bike's bearings and seals, start with SKF and install the mud scraper for years of reliable performance. If you're already running new OEM seals give them some extra protection with the mud scrapers. Unlike the fork seals, the mud scrapers are easy to install and are a must if you ride in the mud.

Check out the SKF Complete High Protection Fork Seal & Bushing Kit:

Fork Seal and Wiper Kit Specs:

  • Superior sealing performance.
  • Self-lubricating compound.
  • Improved performance.
  • Withstands extreme conditions.
  • Maintain low and consistent friction.
  • Reduced wear and air suction.

Bushing Kit Specs:

  • Outer copper treatment, protective against rust.
  • Tested with salt spray to verify friction resistance.
  • With Teflon coating.

Check out the SKF Removable Fork Mud Scraper Kit:

  • Effectively cleans dried mud from fork's outer tube.
  • Increased fork seal life and performance by reducing wear.
  • Designed to operate with a long stroke at high speed.
  • Enhanced water and dirt protection.
  • Withstands UV light, heavy contamination.

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