Don't forget the cylinder!

Replacing the cylinder is often overlooked when performing a top end rebuild. Whether you're just trying to freshen up the engine or addressing a catastrophic failure most top end kits include everything but the cylinder so a lot of riders don't consider replacing the current one. The #1 reason for a failed new top end is not properly inspecting the cylinder by measuring the ring end gap. The resulting failure of popping a new piston inside a cylinder that needs replacing usually gets blamed on the piston which couldn't be further from the truth.

Cylinder Works makes it easy and includes the cylinder in their 2-Stroke and 4-Stroke Top End Kits. Every Cylinder Works Top End kits includes:

  • Cylinder Works Cylinder
  • Vertex Piston Kit
  • Hot Rods Needle Bearing
  • Cylinder Works Gasket Kit
  • Cometic Top End Gasket Kit

The cylinder is standard bore, O.E.M. quality and appearance, and nickel silicon carbide plated. Best of all, they're made in the USA. Grab one for your 2-Stroke or 4-Stroke and check out all of Cylinder Works engine parts and accessories.