We're nearing the end of off-season and will soon see how each rider matches up to the hype. Check out part three of The Hot Seat, where we give you an in depth analysis of who is safe and sound for 2013 and who is on the hot seat.

Geico Honda

Kevin Windham - Safe and Sound. (He could ride till he's 80-years-old and would still get picked up.)

Eli Tomac - Safe and Sound

Justin Barcia - He'll be on a 450 next year. But will he take K-Dubs place on the Geico bike or go factory? Out guess is the latter

Justin Bogle - Safe and Sound

Wil Hahn - Hahn didn't have a storybook ending to his 2011 season, but the kid is truly fast. He's not completely safe for a 2013 ride, but if he stays healthy our guess is he'll be back with Geico.

Jimmy Decotis - Jimmy D has a solid following, but like everyone, he needs to throw down in SX if he wants to keep his dream ride.

Rockstar Energy Suzuki

Jason Anderson - Anderson didn't perform up to expectation in his rookie season. The team decided to give him another shot in 2012, but he'll need to make good if he wants the same ride in 2013.

Martin Davalos - He'll most likely point out of the Lites class this year and be on a 450 in 2013.

Blake Wharton - Safe and Sound.

Hunter Hewitt - It's been an on again, off again relationship with Hewitt and Rockstar. He needs to put in some top five results this year, for sure.

Mafia M/C

Nick Wey - Safe and Sound. (Wey is a fan favorite and an extremely marketable athlete. He's solid for 2013.)

Chris Blose - Blose needs to put in some top 10 rides and be a solid top 15 guy this year.

L&Mc Racing Honda

Andrew Short - Safe and Sound.

Kyle Regal - They won't be looking for Regal to put in great SX results, but he'll need to show top five speed outdoors if he wants to keep this ride for 2013.

Eleven 10 Mods

Alex Martin - Safe and Sound.

Michael Leib - Leib needs to do one thing and one thing only in 2012, stay healthy. If he can do that, he should be solid for 2013.


Cole Seely - Safe and Sound.

Christian Craig - Safe and Sound.

Travis Baker - Baker had a promising rookie season, but never seemed to show the same speed and consistency in his sophomore year. He has a lot of pressure on his shoulders this season. He needs to produce.