It wasn't until the late 70s that riders and mechanics started referring to rear wheel steering. Of course, the pros were doing it long before, but it became a common phrase in the late 70s. Before that time, it was called backing it in. Which was more common in dirt track racing. Now a days all the pro outdoor tracks are ripped and prepped so well, that there isn't nearly as much rear wheel steering as in the 2 stroke days, more than a decade ago. These days the pro tracks are so rutted, it's all about checking the front wheel into a rut and railing the corner. However, most tracks, and especially SX bowl corners, will have some sections that require rear wheel steering. Mast pro riders have mastered this riding skill, but I'd have to choose Ryan Villopoto for the top of the list. RV's technique and seamlessness were flawless and sooooo fast.

So how are these awesome techniques preformed? It takes the correct body positions and movements, along with precise control of the front and rear brakes, and the Clutch and Throttle. As well, as perfect timing of each, all working together. The rear wheel has to slide into the "Transition" of the corner (where you go from braking to clutch and throttle). This is controlled with proper body position and movement (head is behind central location) while controlling the Front and Rear Brakes, Clutch and Throttle, with the throttle off. Then this slide (swing) of the rear wheel, has to be picked up with the correct body position and movement (head in from of the central location) and the Clutch and Throttle. When done correctly the rear wheel steers into the corner with the brakes, and steers out with the clutch and throttle. Obviously, the track conditions have to be right. Swing it in, swing it out, seamless!

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Here's a 4:00 minute video on how to practice these rear wheel steering techniques.