In a stunning development today, Brett Cue announced his intention to race in Round 15 of the Monster Energy Supercross series in Seattle.

Best known for whips, the MotoSport employee said he wants to give it a go at least once in the pinnacle of motorcycle racing. Cue plans to enter the event under the MotoSport/Mr. Whip/Oklahoma-Is-OK Racing banner.

"All the people on social media have been asking me for years why I don't race Supercross," Cue said. "Now that there is a round so close to where I live, I don't see any reason why I shouldn't race."

Earlier this year Cue won the 450 Pro Main event at the Liquid Nitro Arenacross Tour in Springfield, MO. He's also been casually traveling around the country visiting with various pro riders and his very own MotoSport TV series "Brett Cue All In" has given him extra time on the track to get in mental and physical shape.

Fellow Oklahoman and friend Trey Canard returned to Supercross on Saturday further adding to an already deep 2014 field. This puts even more pressure on Cue and serious doubt on whether he'll succeed.

"Top 10 will be tough," he admitted. "There are some good guys out there this year. With Trey coming back to an already stacked field, it will be tough. Not impossible, but tough."

Once the gate drops expect Cue to be all business. A well-liked young man (for the most part) who claims to know a lot of riders and considers them friends, Cue said when he's on the track he'll mow down anyone in his way. When asked if he'd let fellow Oklahoman and MotoSport rider Jimmy Albertson, who has been putting in the time and racing all season, pass him for the final spot in the Main, Cue was quite curt in his answer.

"Is that a real question? I would take out my grandma for a Supercross win," he said.

Cue said ultimately he'd like to make a lasting impression by doing something cool for the nationally televised event and not make the highlight reel of crashes. Cue's handful of fans therefore can expect the guy who rides 365 days a year to throw down the best whip of his life.

"Obviously, I'm going out there to go fast, but don't be surprised to see a little bit of skid plate showing up here and there," he said. "If I happen to pull a good start in the Main, you can bet I'll be putting that thing upside down either on the ground or in the air."

But don't expect more Supercross racing from Cue. He's a "one and done" type of guy and if he happens to reach the podium?

"I would go straight back to my cubicle at MotoSport on Monday, California Pizza Kitchen for dinner and in bed by nine," he said.

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