The start of a New Year is always the perfect time to reflect on the past and the future.

Lots of people make resolutions, promise to keep them and according to the various articles that come out sometime at the end of January, most give up on them within a few weeks. But it's also a time to inspire hope and goodwill by offering New Year's Wishes.

With the start of the 2016 Monster Energy Supercross season mere moments away we wanted to wish a number of riders a Happy New Year and a great time of racing from now through the end of August. We already know everyone competing next week doesn't need to start exercising more or eating better on January 1. They've been doing that for months. So forget the resolutions, we can probably guess what most would say.

Instead we wish you a Happy New Year.

Trey Canard

We wish a long racing season free from injury. Perhaps one of the most talented riders in the field, Canard seems to deal with some type of injury year in and year out. He kept Ryan Dungey honest during last year's Supercross season until a freak crash ended his run and kept him out of Motocross for much of the year. Considering his success in the 2014 Motocross season which came on the heels of an injury that sidelined him for all of the 2014 Supercross season, he might have banged bars with Dungey all season long in 2015.

Ryan Dungey

We wish for you to keep the same straight and level head you've had all year long. Have you read Dungey's interview in Cycle News? Is this the most mature and wise 26 year-old on the planet? His demeanor certainly bucks the existing notion among Millennials and perhaps that's why he won two titles last year and is the heavy favorite to back both up this year.

James Stewart

We wish that you bring to Supercross everything we know and love about you. When you're on top of your game the excitement to the track is palpable. The victory at Straight Rhythm showed you've still got speed but that whole Australia thing certainly raised some eyebrows. Here's to a long, injury and scandal free season.

Andrew Short

We wish you a speedy recovery so you can return with much of the season left which apparently is going to be your last. In light of that, we hope that you pull a Brett Favre and return for 2017!

Chad Reed

We wish you a team and proof that even the older guys can compete for a Championship. (We also wish you'd return our efforts to reach you for an interview.)

Eli Tomac

We wish for you to reclaim the speed and domination you showed at the beginning of Motocross before, well, you know. A brutal crash can do wonders for one's psyche so hopefully you can put the past behind you and bring to the track what the entire field fears you can do. It could really be fun this year with you in full throttle.

Ken Roczen

We wish you an emotionally rocky free season with harmony bombarding you from every angle. Sounds like your back is healed and based on your results at the Monster Cup we'll see you on the podium.

Blake Baggett

We wish you a speedy recovery from the host of injuries incurred this month. Finishing in the Top 5 in both series as a rookie showed some serious determination and talent. Dastardly off season practice crashes! We wish for the end of that for everyone.

Cooper Webb

We wish you continued success as you ride your final year in the 250 class. Your off-season races showed you're the real deal and there's no reason to believe you won't back up your 2014 Supercross Championship. You've already got us looking forward to 2017.

Jeremy Martin

We wish you a Supercross Championship. You've got two in Motocross and it only seems fitting you grab one for Supercross before you climb to the premier level in 2017.

Wil Hahn

We wish you an injury free year and a nice girl on your side. The braces aren't bad at all. In fact, they give you character.

Marvin Musquin

We wish you well in your first year in the 450 class. We won't wish you luck because you don't need it. You're going to surprise some people this year.

Adam Cianciarulo

We wish a long racing season free from injury. Just like Trey Canard. Everyone it seems has high hopes for you and with good reason but freak accidents and crashes keep you from your potential. Not this year!

RJ Hampshire

We wish a full recovery from that awful crash at Straight Rhythm. It's still hard to watch but we're happy to know you're doing OK.

Nick Wey

So this is it. After 18 years we wish you a long, happy and well deserved retirement. There's still time to change your mind! Check out his interview in the February 2016 issue of Racer X Illustrated. An interesting look into how our perspective changes as we get older. (Oh and Nick, we also wish you'd return our efforts to reach you. Check your email!)

The 2016 Supercross Season

We wish for exciting, down to the final lap racing every round that shows everyone else on the outside exactly why we love this sport.

Happy New Year everyone.

Written By: AndrewT