Business name: Ryno Power

Year Founded: 2010

Who Founded: Ryan Hughes and Ryan McCarthy

Where headquartered: San Diego, CA


Contact email:

Images Courtesy of Ryno Power

  1. What was the motivation behind developing Ryno Power?

Ryan Hughes needed a better supplement while racing, so he had a formulator put together what is now Ryno Power. Hughes didn't want anyone to know how good his supplements were while he was racing so he could keep them as a secret advantage. Once he retired, he needed the right person to run the operation and to get the company off the ground. He met Ryan McCarthy and it was a perfect match! McCarthy's extensive business management experience made him the crucial component of Ryno Power's business success, while Hughes is the single, best person to represent a motocross sports supplement company.

  1. What makes Ryno Power different from the other sports nutrition supplements available?

Ryno Power is the purest, cleanest and best performing sports supplement you can get! Ryno Power is designed for Motocrossers, by motocrossers alongside nutraceutical scientists. Ryno Power borrowed formula styles from the tri-athletes, but then made them harder hitting to accommodate the needs for MX athletes.

  1. How were the different supplements developed?

Hughes broke down the six needs of a motocross athlete: mental performance, endurance, proper hydration, carbohydrate intake, recovery and muscle building. He then designed the single best product for each of those needs. That is why Ryno Power is six different supplements designed to be taken together.

  1. Was the "Complete System part of the original model for Ryno Power?

Yes, the complete system, Gold Medal Package, was always the intention of Hughes and his partner McCarthy for all of their athletes. Depending on the environment or work out, you can increase or decrease specific supplements to accommodate your body's physical needs.

  1. Is it necessary to take the six individual supplements or can an athlete pick and choose?

An athlete can pick and choose any one or two supplements and it will benefit them greatly! Sometimes riders want performance (Motivation & Endurance), sometimes riders want recovery (Recovery capsules & Protein powder), or riders simply want carbohydrates and electrolytes to keep them going. Electrolytes and Carbo-Fuel are designed to keep your body fueled all day long!

  1. What results can an athlete expect after taking Ryno Power supplements?

Immediately they will notice clean performance and they will be able to ride longer and harder than before. Over time, with continual use their bodies will thank them by becoming stronger, more agile, and more explosive in power! Remember, Ryno Power is not a "miracle drug," you still need to eat right and train some to see substantial gains!

  1. Can the average every-other-day jogger benefit from Ryno Power?

Yes they can. Ryno Power is a great product for daily use for the fact that it is clean and free of colorings, fillers and questionable ingredients like some of the competitor's supplements currently on the market. Daily use is great for occasional training, women, young teens and others that might be skeptical to use GNC style supplements. Do not get us wrong, Ryno Power is incredibly effective supplement line that can make the world's best athletes perform at their highest level. We simply didn't add the weird chemicals that are being added to some supplements these days. This is why we are approved by all major sanctioning bodies including: International Olympic Committee, NSF, GMP, NCAA, and more. Very few supplement lines can claim this!

  1. What additional products/supplements is Ryno Power looking at for the future?

We are working on a really cool Pre-Workout that is healthy enough for daily use. We are using natural caffeine and Amino Acids to make this even healthier but we are also adding large amounts of DMAE, Tyrosine, Taurine and Arginine to give you the kick you want when going hard at the gym. It will have a lot more but we can't tell you all of it yet!

We also have developed a "Warrior" Multi Vitamin that has a hard shell around a Krill and fish oil center that encompasses all multiple vitamins needs in one! These should be available in summer 2014.