Author: Brent Stallo

Throughout the country the Mosiman brothers (Josh and Michael) are known as some of the most accomplished amateur talent on the gate. Born and bred in the moto capital of the world, these two Californians have their sights set on making it to the top, and based on their accomplishments thus far, they have as good a shot as any of making it happen. For this edition of Up and Coming, we hooked up with Michael to get his take on Mammoth, training and Loretta's.

Mammoth is in the history books but played a role as the last major race before everyone heads to Loretta's. Talk about how Mammoth is different and how it pertains to Loretta's?

Yeah, you know Mammoth is a little bit more laid back. Its fun and you always want to do good, but and the end of the day you're just playing around with your buddies. Unlike Loretta's where you've got to be serious, and be "the man." Mammoth is cool and you don't have to be the number one guy because it's not the biggest race. I was fortunate to do well at Mammoth and hope I can carry that momentum into Loretta's in a few weeks.

As one of the top mini riders in the country, what is a typical day in the life of Michael Mosiman?

Normal day is just wake up and have some cereal - Wheaties for champions and hit the books and do some school work and usually later we get to ride at our track. Or maybe we ride at some other places but its fun and a great lifestyle. You have to work hard to stay competitive at the level we ride at but it's important for us to keep the fun in it and keep the hunger for doing what we love. It's all about keeping a balance.

What classes will you be competing in at the Loretta Lynn's event?

At the Loretta's I'm going to be riding the 85 Stock and Mod 8 Thru 11 and it should be good.

Being from California you don't have the luxury, if you can call it that, of dealing with the intense heat and humidity you will experience in Tennessee. It's an obvious disadvantage for you west coast boys. How will you deal with such factors this year?

I think we might head down to Texas and train at the Masterpool's track so that should be getting us used to the heat and humidity. But other than that, just train hard, focus and try and get better.

Despite your successful mini bike career you've yet to capture that illusive title at Loretta's. Will this be the year for Michael Mosiman?

I'm going to achieve first at Loretta's, hopefully it'll be my first championship there so it'll be the best feeling in the world. Next year I'll be moving into the 12-13 class, so this is my time to shine. I'll be hoping for top 5s with those older guys but this is the year I really think I can do well.

Best of luck next month, we'll be watching.

Thanks for the opportunity to do the interview. I really appreciate it.