I can't see!

A big problem when riding dirt bikes.

According to the Vision Council of America, nearly three-quarters of adults wear some form of eyewear for better vision and Vision Monday indicates 25 percent of children use corrective eyewear with 31 percent of kids between the ages of 14 to 17 using glasses.

Not everyone needs glasses all the time but the statistics indicate a good share of those riding dirt bikes on the track or trails need glasses or contacts to effectively operate their machine. So, how do you effectively wear glasses underneath goggles and still ride hard?

We won't lie - wearing glasses poses a bit of a riding obstacle for those who require the extra visual help. Riders who wear corrective lenses for reading, but for the most part can see well and function in their daily lives without glasses, generally don't wear anything when riding. As long as you can clearly see other riders, what's directly in front of you and what's ahead, you probably don't need glasses but ultimately you decide.

If not wearing glasses prevents you from effectively riding and poses a safety risk you need to wear your prescription eyewear in some form or another. Therefore, we have some tips and tricks you can try to make it easier to accommodate this extra set of "gear."

Goggles Over Glasses

Several manufacturers make dirt bike goggles for glasses called OTG goggles or "over the glasses" specifically designed for wearing over prescription glasses. Riders who wear glasses often complain of fogging issues but OTG goggles accommodate the snug fit to prevent glasses from sliding around while preventing fogging. If your current goggles don't hold your glasses in place or cause them to fog try the available OTG goggles from 100% and Oakley

Try Prescription Motocross Goggles or Inserts

Your final choice resides in wearing prescription goggles which you order directly from the manufacturer, if offered. Otherwise, SportRX offers prescription inserts that fit inside your goggles that many riders have used successfully.

Wear Contacts

If you already wear contacts then continue wearing them. For the most part, contacts stay out of the way and just like in your everyday life you'll forget you even have them on. But we do have one caveat. Wearing contacts in dusty conditions can result in a gritty situation if dust gets past the goggles. So be forewarned. Bring eye drops just in case.

If you don't have contacts or don't like wearing contacts, as many do, you have a couple of options to help keep your eyes focused, including wearing your glasses.

Wear Your Glasses

Wearing glasses underneath goggles sounds a bit cumbersome and depending on the goggles and helmet worn you probably will have a hard time adjusting to and adjusting the glasses if you forego the OTG goggles or don't like them. Unfortunately, you need some luck but mostly trial and error to figure out the best goggles and/or dirt bike helmet that accommodates wearing glasses.

You will find certain helmets do not accommodate wearing glasses very well because the arm of the glasses do not fit with the shape of the cheek pads and/or where the cheek pads meet the helmet liner. The plusher the cheek pads, the better, which you can find on most helmet models from Leatt, Fox, Thor, Shoei, Bell, and Arai. It also helps to wear correctly-sized glasses without arms that protrude long past your ear.

Some riders use a helmet with a wider eye port that works well to accommodate the extra space needed from the glasses offering more wiggle room, if you will, to find some comfort with your glasses, the helmet and goggles.

Don't let your need to wear glasses keep you from enjoy a great hobby. Options exist and you might need to experiment a bit to find the right set-up. If you still have problems seeing then talk to your doctor about additional options including LASIK eye surgery.