Troy Lee Designs has taken their popular SE dirt bike helmet line to the next level of safety and comfort with the release of the SE5 which adds to TLD’s continuous effort to help redefine the industry standard of helmet safety.

Troy Lee Designs SE5 Helmet

The Troy Lee Designs SE5 helmet comes in a carbon fiber or composite shell but both feature the acclaimed and patented MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) brain protection technology. MIPS brings a helmet-integrated, low-friction layer designed to reduce rotational motion transferred to the brain from angled impacts to the head.

Additionally, the TLD SE5 helmet features a dual density EPS, quick release cheek pads and a chin bar mounted gill-set forced air intake system. Other features include three available shell sizes, two matching visors equipped with shear plastic visor screws and brass inserts for easy impact break-away as well as:

  • Lightweight titanium D-rings and alloy hardware
  • Plush helmet bag with zippered storage compartments
  • Three year limited warranty
  • DOT and ECE certification

The Troy Lee Designs SE5 helmet is considered a high-end helmet with unparalleled technology and aggressive design. Check out the available TLD SE5 helmet options and for those looking for high-end safety features without the price tag, the Troy Lee Designs SE4 helmet continues to be an excellent moderately priced choice for dirt bike and ATV riders. Check out the entire line of Troy Lee Designs dirt bike and ATV helmets.