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Motorcycle Drivetrain

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Turner Performance Products Aluminum Rear Sprocket

Turner Performance Products Aluminum Rear Sprocket

Havens - Lockport New York Great features "I bought this a month ago and it was above my expectation !"
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Tag Front Sprocket (Non-Current)

Tag Front Sprocket (Non-Current)

Ride or run - Charleston Durability exceeded my expectations "I purchased these sprockets for my atv and their service life and performance exceeded my expectations. Good sprockets."
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Motorcycle Chain and Sprockets

When it's time to change the chain and sprockets on your motorcycle replace them together. These components work side by side and when one wears out the other is usually not far behind.

Most riders follow the owner's manual when determining when to replace the drivetrain components but often a quick pre-ride check reveals signs of wear allowing you to get ahead of problems. Worn or broken teeth on the sprockets and a stretched or frequently binding chain indicate the need for new parts. Riding with worn sprockets or an old chain affects the performance of your machine but is also dangerous. You don't want a snapped chain as you cruise down the freeway!

MotoSport carries a huge selection of motorcycle chain and sprocket kits to save you money and make it easy when it's time for replacements. Additionally, we also sell sprockets and chains separately to give you more choice but also offer you power options by adding or subtracting teeth on the front or rear sprockets. And, if you need a master link, we've got that too.

Give us a call at 866-677-7338 or use the Live Chat if you need help finding the replacement parts for your current chain and sprocket set-up or if you want advice on making a change let us know what you're trying to accomplish and we'll find the right kit. We send our motorcycle chain and sprockets fast and order more than $79 ship free.