2022 Fox Raceway 2 Motocross Recap

Thank you, God. That's all we asked for. Thank you.

The 50th anniversary of Motocross concluded Saturday at Fox Raceway in Pala, CA with the closest 450 class Championship in history heading into the final round as Eli Tomac bested Chase Sexton for the premier class Championship and his fourth 450 class Outdoor title which put an overwhelming exclamation mark to the end of the season.

Tomac and Sexton dominated the 2022 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship series in points and racing, both often battling up front while leading the field by sometimes 30 seconds or more. Of the 24 Motos this season, Tomac and Sexton took the Top 2 spots in 17 of them. Such was the case on Saturday as Tomac swept the day with Sexton in second.

Tomac entered Round 12 with a 1 point lead but knowing Sexton swept the opening round at Pala in May and the two delivered from the start, each crossing the MotoSport Holeshot line nearly tied with Sexton out front by a bike length and Tomac settling in behind. It remained this way until the five-minute mark when Tomac lurking to and fro finally found the opening and made the pass. Sexton rallied in his own right as each roll of Tomac's tire might unveil a mistake or show a spill-over but Tomac like a true champion held his own and grabbed the win taking a four-point lead into the second race which meant he only needed to finish as runner-up to secure the title if Sexton countered with a win.

Get this, Tomac and Sexton finished Moto 1 less than two seconds apart but Christian Craig (3-4) finished third nearly 80 seconds back. Tomac and Sexton were on the gas so hard they lapped Dean Wilson who finished 13th. This, too, coming in 25 minute Motos, five minutes less than the traditional running because of excess heat, even though last year's finale at Fox Raceway was raced under similar blazing hot circumstances.

Moto 2 offered even more nail-biting excitement as Tomac and Sexton got bunched up at the start with Sexton in third and Tomac a distant eighth. Craig led upfront before Jason Anderson took a hard-nosed lead which might have thrown a wrench into Sexton's and Tomac's race craft if either were unable to get out front. However, Sexton, perhaps feeling the 100 degree heat, crashed allowing Tomac to pass. He worked his way back up in striking distance before crashing again and then he crashed again.

By now Tomac had passed Anderson and in a valiant fight Sexton managed to work his way into second but it was too late. Tomac was cruising to the title and crossed the checkers almost 10 seconds in front of Sexton.

"It's just been such an enjoyable year," said Tomac who also won the 2022 Supercross Championship becoming the first to win both premier class racing titles in the same year since Ryan Dungey in 2015. "The competition was just unbelievable from Chase, he is the next 450 guy hands down. We pushed ourselves to the limit. I felt like we even raised the bar this year. This is a very enjoyable moment and it's the cherry on top."

Tomac is widely expected to retire from the Outdoors but race the 2023 Supercross season before calling it a career.

After this year, we all hope not.

Elsewhere, Anderson (4-3) rounded out the podium in third and also took third on the Championship podium in his career best Outdoor season which included his first overall win for the Nationals. Both Tomac and Anderson changed bike brands and teams this year - Tomac from Kawasaki to Yamaha and Anderson from Husqvarna to Kawasaki - giving them arguably their best Indoor and Outdoor seasons ever.

Ryan Dungey (10-5) who came out of retirement after five years ended the season how he started, in fifth. He got caught up in a pile-up at the start of Moto 1 but he worked his way from near back of the pack to 10th for eighth overall. He finished in 6th place for the season and rumors had him returning next year full time but alas he has called it a career, again. (sad-face emoji) Ken Roczen (8-13) finished ninth on Saturday and took fourth for the year while Craig rounded out the Top 5 on the year in his first 450 class season.

In a historic 50th anniversary season unfortunately highlighted by the bungling of the broadcast package, Tomac and Sexton raced their best and gave fans the very reason why Motocross stands out from all sports.

2022 Motocross 450 Class Standings

  1. Eli Tomac - 546: 450 Class Champion
  2. Chase Sexton - 539
  3. Jason Anderson - 440
  4. Ken Roczen - 394
  5. Christian Craig - 373
  6. Ryan Dungey - 359
  7. Aaron Plessinger - 322
  8. Justin Barcia - 303
  9. Joey Savatgy - 222
  10. Shane McElrath - 213


We have a 250 class Championship too.

As widely expected, Jett Lawrence easily wrapped up back-to-back 250 class Championships taking the Moto 1 win and enjoying a victory race in Moto 2 while still taking second.

"It's awesome to get it done back-to-back. I'm definitely grateful," Lawrence said. "Honda brought out an awesome new CRF250R and I'm super pumped to be on it again in Supercross next year. I'm also excited to ride the 450 in Pro Motocross next summer."

Lawrence admitted he has a little work to do before battling with the likes of Tomac and Sexton but he may only have to deal with Sexton if Tomac indeed calls it quits.

"It's going to be fun, and I can't wait," Lawrence said.

Joe Shimoda (4-1) took second overall and second for the season while Justin Cooper capped off his season with a third overall and fourth in the standings. Hunter Lawrence (2-5) took fourth at Pala and third on the season.

Did you see Marvin Musquin? He hit the final round in the 250 class probably in preparation for Motocross des Nations later this month. His finished seventh on a (5-9) day.

2022 Supercross 250 Class Standings

  1. Jett Lawrence - 525: 250 Class Champion
  2. Jo Shimoda - 480
  3. Hunter Lawrence - 468
  4. Justin Cooper - 415
  5. RJ Hampshire - 346
  6. Max Vohland - 303
  7. Seth Hammaker -256
  8. Nate Thrasher - 251
  9. Michael Mosiman - 208
  10. Pierce Brown - 198

The MotoSport Sponsored Muc-Off / FXR / ClubMX Team

Shance McElrath (16-10) finished 13th at Pala and 10th for the season. Garrett Marchbanks (11-36) took 16th on the day and 12th on the season. Alex Martin, who is retiring, gave it a go but did not line up for the second straight round because of injury and takes 13th on the season.

That's a wrap on the 2022 Motocross season.

2022 Fox Raceway 2 Motocross