RacerX's 2007 Product of the Year gets a complete redesign for 2013 and even a name change. The Leatt GPX Race Neck Brace is made from high impact polymer with a completely re-sculpted front using a split design first introduced in 2011 with the Leatt STX brace.

The idea behind the Leatt Neck Brace started in 2001 when Dr. Chris Leatt saw the death of a rider a week after his son started riding. This event moved him to design a neck brace and in 2004 he introduced the first brace in South Africa and in 2006 it made it to market. In addition to the RacerX honors, Motocross Action gave the brace a 5/5 star rating.

The Leatt Neck Brace is not without controversy as some critiques say it doesn't work and the brace hinders rider movement which impedes vision. However, it's not a stretch to say if the brace doesn't impact your movement or vision then it is probably gear worth considering when on the track or trails.

The Leatt Neck Brace works similar to the HANS device restraint system used in NASCAR type races in that it limits head movement thus reducing or preventing injury.

A rider and MotoSport customer posted the Leatt Neck brace saved the rider's life after an endo over the handlebars broke the brace in five pieces but took all the pressure off the collar bone. Additional reviews on MotoSport.com say the brace compliments Leatt body armor as well.

The GPX Race Neck Brace is the only brace with a rear table height adjustment with 28 mm of movement. This design allows you to custom fit the brace with your helmet, body shape and riding style. Leatt clearly spent much time in creating a better fitting, more comfortable brace to allow freedom of movement and better vision. A new rear thoracic strut offers five degree settings, a built in fracture point designed to snap off in a sever crash and angle wedges for easier adjustment.

It comes in five colors - blue translucent, red translucent, white, orange, black - in small/medium and large/X-Large sizes. Ready to buy? Check out additional Leatt GPX Race Neck Brace specifications here and order yours today!