Preventing an engine from overheating is crucial on so many levels. When a bike gets too hot it can boil the anti-freeze or coolant and high temperatures ruin vital parts then shortly thereafter cause irreversible damage. Running a coolant that survives under pressure is vital to the life of your engine.

The Evans Waterless Powersports Engine Coolant offers a boiling point above 375° degrees and can be used on dirt bikes, sportbikes, ATVs and UTVs. Its waterless formula prevents corrosion, won't vaporize and offers freeze protection below -40° degrees.

Whether you're riding hard training for next week's race or taking a long cruise on your sportbike on a hot summer day, try Evans, it lasts for the life of the engine. Additional specifications include:

  • Improves combustion
  • Low toxicity
  • Prevents corrosion
  • Safe for pump seals and bearings
  • Boiling point above 375° degrees; freezing protection below -40° degrees

Available in a half gallon size. Check out the full details of Evans Coolant here.