Brett Cue and MotoSport announced today a partnership to manufacture and sell "Brett Cue Brand Reusable Tearoffs."

The new tearoff system allows riders to simply re-use them albeit with one catch. Once removed, say during a ride, the Brett Cue Brand Reusable Tearoffs must be caught in mid-air before landing on the ground. Like any tearoffs, once on the ground, other riders, the soil and muck make them unusable.

Cue's invention occurred by happenstance. When videotaping with a MotoSport crew a few weeks ago at Davi Millsap's place for a new episode of "Brett Cue All In" Cue launched off a ramp, grabbed a tearoff in midair and let it drop.

"The idea was to get a close up shot of pulling a tear off while throwing in some style on the bike," Cue said. "I hit a pretty decent sized jump and pulled a tear off to feel out the situation."

Tearoffs float to the ground like a feather and Gavin Gracyk, who was watching, commented that the tearoff floated to the ground so slow that Cue could have come back around and grabbed it before it reached the ground.

"That was all the motivation I needed," said Cue, who tried it a couple of times before nailing the first ever reusable tearoff system.

Shortly after, Cue thought maybe he had a marketable idea to develop the reusable tearoff system which would be especially useful in Supercross or other motocross tracks where lanes go straight back and forth. All that's required of the rider is to catch the tearoff before it hits the ground and put it in the accompanying fanny pack. Once the Moto is done, clean the tearoff and reuse for Moto 2.

"Selling the idea was cake," Cue said when he approached MotoSport about the idea. "All we had to do was show the video and it was a done deal."

Jarrod Rogers, MotoSport's Director of Marketing, fell out of his chair when he saw the video. Rogers said he saw the future and immediately put an embargo on Cue to prevent him from discussing the idea until a copyright was secured.

"This idea blew my mind," Rogers said. "I can't believe in 40 years of Supercross no one had figured this out."

Cue described his employer as a cutting edge company and never had any concerns his reusable tearoff idea would get him fired or laughed out the building. MotoSport's reaction was apparently like everyone else's. No one could believe it hadn't been developed sooner.

"These are the most cost effective, highest quality tear-offs made," Cue said. "Being that these aren't your normal tear-off that gets used once and tossed, we are able to use higher quality, scratch resistant material, which make the BQ reusable tear offs the best on the market."

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