Gear up with MotoSport and the newly minted rolling gear bag constructed from durable 600D polyester and heavy-duty YKK zippers.

Well, what does that all mean?

The fit and finish of the MotoSport branded roller gear bag also known as a Motocross gear bag rivals in durability and toughness of the more popular brands. This Rolling Gear Bag represents just one of many new MotoSport-branded products coming soon (if not already available) designed with you in mind that features a dramatic price difference from other Motocross gear bag brands but with the same if not better precision and functionality.

Our new Motocross gear bag works as one large bag (great for traveling) or divides into multiple smaller compartments based on needs:

  • Removable Velcro/zippered compartment dividers
  • Separate boot storage compartment
  • Built in change mat

Whether used as one large bag or separated into sections to haul your dirt bike helmet and Motocross boots, along with other riding gear, this roller gear bag features lots of space and plenty of vents to prevent musky build-up. The MotoSport Motocross gear bag measures 35-inches long, 20-inches tall and 16-inches wide forming an impressively light bag with rugged wheels for easy pulling.

About the folding mat. A lot of Motocross bags don't have a mat that allows you to stand or place your feet off the ground while getting dressed. Yes, we know you're about to ride a dirt bike but that doesn't mean you need to put dusty, dirty or damp socks inside your riding boots. We also included two thick handles on each side of the bag for lifting and an aluminum pull-out carry handle for easy hauling.

The rugged 600D polyester is widely used for travel and gear bags offering a much lower manufacturing cost than other fabrics without losing strength and integrity. And the YKK zippers? Check your pants. You probably zipped one up this morning. A widely used brand for their sturdiness, these zippers zip every time and don't fray, snag or derail. Point being, we made our new rolling gear bag with the finest materials so you can haul your stuff to the Motocross track for years to come.

We ship the MotoSport Motocross gear bag free and if you need help filling it, let us know we're here to help. Check out all the details on our new roller gear bag and see the other bags we stake our name on.