How did you got started in motocross?

My Father bought my first motorcycle at the age of 4, a Yamaha PW50. I was so excited to race on a track for the first time. The past 14 years have flown by so fast. I have progress so far, so fast, I can't wait for the future.

What are your goals for the future?

I plan on making the main events in the upcoming AMA Supercross East Coast series in 2011 and also making all of the Lucas Oil outdoor National Championship events.

What inspires you to compete?

My dad.

Why do you like this sport?

I live for competition and winning. I love to win. I also enjoy making new friends from around the country every time we go to an event.

Describe your style

I`ve watched Kevin Windham ride for a long time. I think our styles are very similar.

Personal Information

I graduated at Madison Central High School. I train everyday to be the best that I can be. When I am not racing on the weekends, I train and practice to improve and hone my skills.