"This is MOTO" picks up where "MOTO 10 The Movie" left off taking a deeper dive into the sport we love.

With eight riders giving their unique story, "This is MOTO" is an invitation to immerse the viewer into the lives of eight of the world's top riders, each their own individual. From stories of self-expression, success, heart break, and life threatening injury, each rider has a story to tell, and "This is MOTO" provides an artistic platform for such stories to be told. With the perfect combination of personality, storytelling, and state of the art cinematography, "This is MOTO" will leave viewers with an uncontrollable urge to ride.

"This is MOTO" comes from the directors of the "MOTO the Movie" series and stars Zach Osborne, Cody Webb, Dean Wilson, Tom Parsons, Vicki Golden, Todd Waters, Dereck Beckering and Daxton Bennick. Check out all the movie dates and locations below:




September 12

Fremont Theater

San Luis Obispo, CA

September 17

La Paloma Theatre

Encinitas, CA

September 24

Regent Theatre

Arlington, MA

September 25

Dunellen Theatre

Dunellen, NJ

September 26

The Metropolitan Theatre

Morgantown, WV

September 29

Plaza Theater

Atlanta, GA

October 2

Sun-Ray Cinema

Jacksonville, FL

October 3

Ayrsley Grand Cinema

Charlotte, NC

October 9

Vince Cinema

Livermore, CA

October 10

Crest Theatre

Sacramento, CA

October 15

Sun Studios of Arizona

Tempe, AZ

October 16

Icon Cinema

Albuquerque, NM

October 19

Galaxy Highland 10 Theatre

Austin, TX

October 22

Circle Cinema

Tulsa, OK

October 24

Chase Park Plaza Cinemas

St. Louis, MO

October 26

The Parkway Theater

Minneapolis, MN

October 29

Oriental Theater

Denver, CO

November 7

Megaplex Theatres at Jordan Commons

Sandy, UT

November 10

Historic Everett Theater

Everett, WA

November 13

The Alberta Rose Theatre

Portland, OR

November 14

Volcanic Theatre Pub

Bend, OR

November 15

Egyptian Theater

Boise, ID


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