If you thought the weather at Round 1 of the Super X series prevented us from picking a clear cut favorite you should have seen the torrential downpour that slammed Round 2 in Wollongong. Things actually looked promising throughout the day as it appeared as if the huge weather front was going to pass over WIN stadium, but 15-minutes before show time, Mother Nature decided to twist fate and send what seemed like two inches of rain directly over Wollongong.

The weather was such a factor, in fact, that the Under 19s and the Michelin Junior Development Serie' finals were cancelled, and the formats for the Open and Lites finals were switched to 15 lap main events.

While the weather was anything but optimal, the racing still proved noteworthy as we saw a new leader take over the lead in the Pro Open class and an old faithful extend his lead in the Lites class.

Lites Breakdown:

The Lites class saw yet another dominating performance out of JDR Motorex KTM's, Matt Moss. After showing solid speed in his heat races prior to the thunderstorms, Moss proved once again that there's nothing Mother Nature can dish out that he can't handle. He shined in the opening round with a dominating win and he did the same in Wollongong by leading from start to finish and extending his points lead to 10 with only three rounds remaining.

Behind Moss, however, there were quite a few differences to take note of. First and foremost was the performance of British star, Steven Clarke on his Motul Pirelli Suzuki. After a disappointing sixth in the opening round, Clarke bounced back in a big way in Wollongong. He would end up finishing second in the 15 lap main event, though it wasn't without difficulty. American rookie, Gavin Faith was able to work his way around Clarke for a portion of the race and set his sites on Moss before a mistake caused him to drop back to fourth. In third was Moss' teammate Brenden Harrison, who also happens to be his closest competitor in the championship. Harrison's podium moved him to within striking distance of Moss in the championship, but with the speed Moss has shown over the last two round, such an occurrence doesn't seem likely.

Pro Lites Results:

1. Matt Moss

2. Steven Clarke

3. Brenden Harrison

4. Gavin Faith

5. Luke Styke

6. Luke Arbon

7. Adam Monea

8. Casey Turner

9. Matt Ryan

10. Keiron Hall

11. Kim Ashkenazi

12. Kirk Gibbs

13. Nicholas Sutherland

14. Robbie Marshall

15. Jason Hackett

16. Phillip Klakow

17. Ben George

18. James Booth-Elliott

DNF. Dean Ferris

DNF. Austin Politelli

Pro Lites Standings (after 2 of 5 rounds):

1. Matt Moss 50 points

2. Brenden Harrison 40

3. Luke Styke 38

4. Steven Clarke 37

5. Adam Monea 28

6. Gavin Faith 27

7. Casey Turner 25

8. Kirk Gibbs 22

9. Luke Arbon 20

10. Matt Ryan 20

Pro Open Breakdown:

In the Pro Open class it was Motul Pirelli Suzuki's Daniel McCoy taking his maiden Super X win and the points lead away from JDR Motorex KTM's, Tye Simmonds. McCoy was able to take the race lead away from Billy Mackenzie after a crash took Mackenzie out of the running. Although he would also see pressure from Lawson Bopping and Dan Reardon throughout the race, McCoy was able to keep his cool and secure himself the win.

Tye Simmonds, who was the championship leader heading into the second round, struggled in the sloppy conditions to finish sixth. He now trails McCoy by one point heading into Round 3 at Campbelltown Stadium next weekend. Dan Reardon now sits third in the championship after his compelling ride to finish second in Wollongong.

Rain has riddled the Super X series thus far in 2011, but the racing action has still been next to none. Hopefully the fans (and promoters) will see a the series first dry race next weekend in Campbelltown Stadium.

Until then.

Pro Open Standings (after 2 of 5 rounds):

1. Dan McCoy 41 points

2. Tye Simmonds 40

3. Dan Reardon 34

4. Billy Mackenzie 34

5. Jay Marmont 33

6. Todd Waters 30

7. Ryan Marmont 30

8. Michael Phillips 29

9. Cheyne Boyd 27

10.Jake Moss 22