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Motorcycle Tow Straps

Most Recent Tow Straps Reviews

Giant Loop Lift Strap Giant Loop Lift Strap Blaked901 - Greeneville, TN, USA Junk I want a refund or a new one. Thanks "Been on my bike 4 weeks. First time it was used to pull my bike out up a small hill by hand and broke on the edge of the strap. This product may have been a bad batch who knows but It WAS very usalfuk until it broke the first time it was used"
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Chase Harper Buddy Tow Chase Harper Buddy Tow Rocco - New Jersey Light Duty "This is a very thin light duty tow strap! Seems more like a bicycle tow strap and it only has a loop on one end (not sure why since most all tow straps have a hook or loop on both ends). For a couple more dollars you can get a much better quality tow strap."
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