Every time a purchase is made at MotoSport.com customers have the opportunity to make a $1 donation towards one of three rider advocacy organizations. MotoSport.com matches those donations dollar-for-dollar - up to $40,000 every year - instantly turning $1 into $2 and doubling the donation.

Tualatin, Oregon (PRWEB) April 05, 2012 - MotoSport.com has a long and storied past within the motorcycle riding and racing community both through supporting racers and maintaining a large number of series, event, team and rider sponsorships. What may not be as well-known - at least to those who have yet to become MotoSport.com customers - are the numerous ways MotoSport.com helps the community give back to itself.

The sport of motorcycle racing can be a dangerous endeavor, and crashes and injuries are a constant hazard when one competes in such events. MotoSport.com knows this very well; after all, the people who work there ride and race what they sell. It is this first-hand experience and knowledge which has helped to fuel MotoSport.com's desire to help reduce the impacts of such life-shattering events on riders, racers and their families.

What makes this mission possible are MotoSport.com's customers; every time someone makes a purchase at MotoSport.com or via the telephone, the purchaser is given the opportunity to make a $1 donation towards one of three helpful organizations whose primary goals are either to take care of a racer who has fallen or prevent injury in the first place. Once the donation is submitted, MotoSport.com matches it dollar-for-dollar - up to $40,000 every year - instantly turning $1 into $2 and thus doubling the amount given. To date, since this program was first put in place in 2008, MotoSport.com has raised in excess of $216,000, all of it helping the people who take two-wheeled sports to their ultimate limits.

The first partner to benefit from this relationship was the rider-created and rider-sponsored RiderDown Foundation. Their admirable work goes to assist directly in the lives of responsible off-road motorcycle and ATV riders who are injured while riding and rendered unable to continue in their normal, daily existence. This help can include everything from assistance with medical bills and support for the rider's family to personal home visits, regular rehabilitation transportation and beyond. MotoSport.com, together with thousands of their customers, have donated $195,322 to RiderDown to date.

In the arena of injury prevention, Roadracing World's Action Fund was chosen as another beneficiary of the MotoSport.com racer assistance program. The people at the Action Fund are focused on motorcycle racing safety and education, and they are primarily the leading organization in deploying "air fence." This soft, air-filled race track barrier cushions a rider should they impact the race track wall. The air fence can be the difference between an accident which one can walk away from and one which requires considerable recovery or permanent physical damage. Over $3,400 has been raised for this critical mission since the relationship began.

The Jimmy Button story led MotoSport.com to support the organization created in his honor, Road 2 Recovery. He was in his tenth year of professional off-road racing at the young age of 26 when a fall paralyzed him from the neck down and ended his career. Road2Recovery was created by Button - and co-founders Bob Moore and Bob Walker - after his experiences and continues to assist in the lives of AMA-licensed professional Motocross and Supercross racers who experience a tragic accident leading to the end of a motorcycle racing career. Over $17,300 has been passed on to Road2Recovery from MotoSport.com and their caring customers.

In the end, it is the generosity of the MotoSport.com customer which makes all of this possible; without the many kind people who make the simple $1 donation, there would be no story about the great work which MotoSport.com accomplishes with RiderDown, the Roadracing World Action Fund and Road 2 Recovery.

Take some time and visit MotoSport.com. Should you make a purchase, check that box and donate $1 to help the motorcycle rider or racer - support those who put life and limb on the line for your entertainment and fuel your passion.

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