With the 2011 Lucas Oil AMA Motocross Championship taking place at Spring Creek last weekend we though it fitting to hit up Xtreme Rockstar Suzuki's amateur standout Jeremy Martin for this weeks Up and Coming. As you may know, the Martin's actually own the Spring Creek facility and Jeremy has spent the last few weeks at home training with his brother, Alex in preparation for Loretta's. Martin has proven to be the top intermediate rider in the country so far in 2011 and is hoping to cap off a near perfect season with impressive runs at Ponca and Loretta's.

Jeremy, first off, you spent last week helping your family prep for the Lucas Oil AMA Outdoor National at your home track, Spring Creek. How did everything go there? It went really well. My brother did really well, so I was pumped about that.

We actually had four and a half inches of rain the day before the race as well, so I was really happy for my family that we were able to pull it off with a good track to race on.

You've been at home in Minnesota for a few months. How is training going for Loretta's?

It's been going really well. My brother, Alex, has been home with me so it's been really good being able to train with someone as fast as him. It really give me an advantage I think. We have the national track and a few more we train on, so there's a lot of variety. I think I'm ready.

You're now down in Texas training with the Xtreme Rockstar Suzuki team. How is everything going so far?

I came down here right after the race. We're out at Masterpool's place now just testing and making sure we have the bikes where I want them before Ponca and Loretta's. Everything is going good so far.

You've had quite a year so far. You dominated the Spring Nationals in Alabama and Texas, but got injured just before World Mini. What happened?

Yeah, I was really fortunate to do well at the Spring Nationals. I won all my classes at Mill Creek, so I was happy with that. The last moto at Oak Hill I actually went down off the start and went over the bars. I ended up breaking my wrist so I had to sit out World Mini.

How bad was the break? Are you 100%?

Oh, yeah, I'm completely healed now. It wasn't that bad, luckily. I was only off the bike for about three weeks, so I was fortunate.

You've had some moto wins at Loretta's, but have yet to get a title. Will this be your year?

I hope so. That's the plan. I think if I can go out and ride the track and do what I've been doing all year then I'll be okay. The plan is definitely to win, though.

Vurbmoto gives away the Vurb Cup each year to the best amateur racer of the year and you are currently leading the pack heading into Ponca and Loretta's. So, I guess what we're saying is that you could actually be the best amateur rider in America in 2012.

(Laughs) That would be pretty cool.

Well good luck over these next few weeks and thanks for the chat.

Thank you. See you guys at the races.