With just five rounds, held in the space of four weeks, the Australian Super X has unfortunately now drawn to a close. However in this month there has been some real quality racing and performances plus some big crashes (see Steven Clarke's here), and with the interesting race formats always providing different winners, it's a series that is always exciting.

Although the first two rounds were complete washouts, the last three rounds have seen some good weather which has meant a large number of fans have turned up to see the racing.

Going into this final weekend, the Lites was practically sewn up as Matt Moss had a large lead over the second placed rider, but the Open class was still all to play for, with three riders (Marmont, Simmonds and McCoy) all within three points. Here's how the action broke down...

Open Class

Unlike previous rounds, this round would be a 20 lap main event, much like the US supercross series, rather than three 10 laps race, so one mistake really would be costly. Marmont was the rider with all the pressure on his shoulders as he had a five point lead over Tye Simmonds, with Daniel McCoy a further three points back. However he didn't show any sign of nerves, taking the holeshot before checking out for the win and his first ever Monster Energy Super X Championship.

"I am over the moon! I have had nervous jitters all week and worrying that something would go wrong with the bike or I would crash, so I am so glad to have ridden well and finish with a win. I really want to congratulate Tye and Dan who both rode great all series. A huge thanks you to my team for all their hard work and of course my family for all of their support," said Marmont.

Simmonds would come in second, both in this race and in the series which is a good result but not quite what he was after before the racing began a month ago. American Chris Blose came third in the race as he made it past Billy Mackenzie near the end with Dan McCoy's sixth place was still enough to stay third in the championship.

Pro Open Results:

1. Jay Marmont

2. Tye Simmonds

3. Chris Blose

4. Billy Mackenzie

5. Todd Waters

6. Daniel McCoy

7. Craig Anderson

8. Lewis Woods

9. Ryan Marmont

10. Michael Phillips

Pro Open Standings:

1. Jay Marmont 105

2. Tye Simmonds 97

3. Daniel McCoy 87

4. Billy Mackenzie 79

5. Lawson Bopping 74

6. Todd Waters 72

7. Chris Blose 67

8. Ryan Marmont 64

9. Dan Reardon 55

10. Michael Phillips 50


Lites Class

Matt Moss, as expected clinched the Lites class but he had to work for the race victory as American youngster Gavin Faith took the holeshot and looked to be on his way for the win. Moss reeled him in gradually though, overtaking him on the second till last lap. It was a fitting finale for Moss who now goes to America with the JDR team, hoping he can finally show his speed to the American audiences.

"It's great to get the win. I want to give a big thanks to the JDR team. They took the championship away from me last year, but I signed with them at the start of this year and have now managed to win the motocross and supercross. We are one big happy family and we have got the number one plate so now let's go to America and do it over there," said Moss.

Gavin Faith's second place, combined with Luke Styke's fifth place saw the American get second step on the podium by just two points, which will now hopefully show some teams in his homeland to take a chance on him and hire him for the US series.


Pro Lites Results:

1. Matt Moss

2. Gavin Faith

3. Kirk Gibbs

4. Luke Arbon

5. Luke Styke

6. Jackson Richardson

7. Robbie Marshall

8. Adam Monea

9. Dean Ferris

10. Ben George

Pro Lites Standings:

1. Matt Moss 118

2. Gavin Faith 89

3. Luke Styke 87

4. Brendan Harrison 70

5. Luke Arbon 70

6. Adam Monea 70

7. Steven Clarke 68

8. Dean Ferris 64

9. Robbie Marshall 61

10. Kirk Gibbs 57