Cole Thompson continues to win and dominate the AX Tour. After an exciting win in Round 1 two weeks ago, Thompson won the AX Pro class and the "Clash for Cash" on Saturday in Batesville, MS, adding to his points lead in both categories.

Thompson benefited from a rider who fell turning the first turn in the AX Pro Class that mixed up Kyle Regal, Jeremy Martin and Heath Harrison, who finished third in the Pro Class event and second in the Clash for Clash event last week. All three riders proved to be worthy opponents by recovering and charging their way back but ultimately failed to make the podium. Thompson finished first followed by hole shot winner Maxx Malatia, who grabbed second in Round 1, and Brad Nauditt.

Check out this Contender Chat with Heath Harrison and Brad Nauditt:

In the AX Pro Lites class Jeremy Martin overtook holeshot winner Johnny Moore to grab first, Moore kept the second spot and Travis Sewell took third.

The "Clash for Cash" event features the top riders from both classes in a 20-lap main event and Thompson and Martin gave everything they had. Moore took the holeshot as he did in the Pro Lites class but again was unable to hold onto the lead as Thompson and Martin pulled away and dueled it out for much of the race. In the final laps, Thompson and Martin banged into each other in the whoops and again before the finish line. As a result, Martin lost some time and Thompson took advantage to grab the win. Kyle Regal took third.

The Arenacross Tour started in 2001 and features more than 30 amateur classes of competitions including pro quad races and new this year is professional women's motocross. AX Tour races run in a motocross format rather than the traditional arenacross format which gives riders more track time. Riders receive Arenacross tour points according to their finish and at the end of the tour cash bonuses are awarded to the top riders in each class.

The AX Tour continues next week in Bowling Green, KY. Buy advance online tickets and save on prices.

AX Tour Batesville, MS Results

Clash For Cash Overall:

  1. Cole Thompson, KTM
  2. Jeremy Martin, YAM
  3. Kyle Regal, HON
  4. Heath Harrison, KTM
  5. Johnny Moore, HON
  6. Luke Vonlinger, HON
  7. Travis Sewell, KTM
  8. Maxx Malatia, HON
  9. Kyle White, HON
  10. Brad Nauditt, HON

AX Pro Top Ten Overall:

  1. Cole Thompson, KTM
  2. Maxx Malatia, HON
  3. Brad Nauditt, HON
  4. Luke Vonlinger, HON
  5. Kyle Regal, HON
  6. Jeremy Martin, YAM
  7. Kyle White, HON
  8. Heath Harrison, KTM
  9. Johnny Moore, HON
  10. Jake Lowery, KAW

AX Pro Lites Top Ten Overall:

  1. Jeremy Martin, YAM
  2. Johnny Moore, HON
  3. Travis Sewell, HON
  4. Luke Vonlinger, KTM
  5. Maxx Malatia, HON
  6. Brice Klipple, HON
  7. Kyle White, HON
  8. Jon-Murray Barr, KTM
  9. Brad Nauditt, HON
  10. Scott Zoat, KTM

AX Tour Current Points Leaders:

Cash for Clash

  1. Cole Thompson (50)
  2. Heath Harrison (40)
  3. Brad Naduitt (31)
  4. Kyle White (30)
  5. Maxx Malatia (28)
  6. Jeremy Martin (22)
  7. Kyle Regal (20)
  8. Brandon Golen (16)
  9. Johnny Moore (16)
  10. Luke Vonlinger (15)

AX Pro Points Leaders:

  1. Cole Thompson (50)
  2. Maxx Malatia (44)
  3. Brad Naduitt (36)

AX Lites Pro Points Leaders

  1. Brad Naduitt (37)
  2. Maxx Malatia (36)
  3. Kyle White (32)