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Motocross Riding Tips with Gary Semics: The Art of the Wheelie Part 1

There's no doubt about it, wheelies are cool, they've always been cool. They also have benefits in Motocross racing, which we'll see later in these two-month parts of wheelie tips. Just about anyone can master the wheelie if they understand the ...

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Motocross Riding Tips with Gary Semics: Self-Confidence in Motocross

We hear the pros talk about confidence as one of the key ingredients in reaching their goals and dreams. But how does a rider develop a lot of self-confidence? Just like anything else in life, you have to earn it. You start at an early age bui...

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Even Veteran Riders Benefit from Taking a Motorcycle Safety Course

Approximately one out of 100 motorcycle riders crash every year. When it's your turn, what will you do? No one wants to crash and hitting the pavement or something else often becomes the elephant in the room no rider cares to talk about. But n...

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Motocross Riding Tips with Gary Semics: The 5 Most Important Motocross Techniques

Everyone knows the difficulty of breaking bad habits (techniques) especially riding dirt bikes. Using my many years of teaching Motocross I discovered the most common and hard to break bad habits which I list below in order from 5 to 1, with #1 be...

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How To Prevent Blisters When Riding Dirt Bikes or ATVs

Painful and tender, blisters pop up like arm pump and often end a riding day just as fast. Blisters result from excessive friction. The more your hand moves back and forth on something whether from swinging a bat or rolling the throttle the grea...

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Motocross Riding Tips with Gary Semics: How To Win Starts

If you don't already know - the start is the most important part of a Motocross race. The pros always mention the start when asked what they need to do in the Main. Supercross commentators Ralph Sheen and Jeff Emig include the start in the three...

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Motocross Riding Tips with Gary Semics: Workouts at Home

Motocross is one of the most physically demanding sports on the planet! To ride well, have fun and stay safe your physical fitness is a primary key. During a race or even during practice sessions a Motocross racer's heart rate (HR) will max out....

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How To Prepare For the Perfect Riding Day

Some things remain in our control while others stay out of our control. Elements like the weather, distance and track or trail closures ruin the chance of having the perfect riding day. Putting those factors aside however, much rides on your abi...

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How To Stay Warm This Winter While Riding Your Dirt Bike or ATV

Lots of riders retire their dirt bike or ATV to the garage when temperatures drop below a certain point, but for some, winter weather simply represents another challenge to overcome while taking to the track or trails. Riding a dirt bike or ATV ...

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It's a Mudder - Dirt Bike Mudding

You either love it or hate it. Riding dirt bikes in the mud is a sometimes welcome change to the usual hot and dusty spin around the track or trails. In racing, it's often epic for the fans when a Supercross or Motocross round turns into a mudde...

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