If Kevin Windham, father of four and perhaps the worlds most adored motocross superstar, supports a product, chances are it's a keeper. For Windham, safety always comes first. He is a father first and a professional motocross rider second. And that's why Windham has always trusted in the Shoei brand. Supporting a company with a track record in safety and style like Shoei is a no brainer for K-Dub, and it should be a no-brainer for you as well. After all, you can't put a price on safety.

Shoei is a company that surpasses the norm and brings you a motorcycle helmet like the VFX-W K-Dub 2 to represent their commitment of providing superior safety and features, wrapped in a stylish shell.

Shoei acknowledge the need for protection that matches the ever progressing sport of off road riding. The VFX-W K-Dub 2 shell is constructed out of their AIM+ technology that combines fiberglass and organic fibers that require a laser to cut. This process ensures proper impact distribution.

The Shoei VFX-W K-Dub 2 helmet uses a dual-layer EPS liner that not only increases protection; it also produces a ventilation system to keep you cool. The dual-layer EPS liner varies in thickness and density to provide correct impact absorption. The EPS liner runs through the chin bar to increase impact absorption. The built in air channels on the inner liner keep fresh air moving through the helmet.

The countless hours spent on the Shoei VFX-W K-Dub 2 helmet have allowed for the development of their unique Emergency Quick Release System (EQRS). The EQRS disconnects the cheek pads from the helmet to allow for the removal of the helmet during emergency situation, reducing pressure to the rider.

The interior of the VFX-W K-Dub 2 helmet features the 3D Max-Dry liner system to keep the comfort level high. The padding has been produced out of polyurethane foam pads that have been formed for a perfect fit. Shoei uses a proprietary synthetic fiber which increases the movement of sweat over conventional nylon two times faster. The liner can easily be removed to wash and is also adjustable.

Ventilation ports have been placed throughout the helmet to maximize air-flow. Intake ports have been placed in the mouthpiece, forehead and channels directly in the EPS liner. The seven exhaust ports allow for plenty of air to exit through the back of the helmet. Shoei installed wire mesh on the ventilation ports of the VFX-W K-Dub 2 helmet to keep the dirt out.

The "Sleek" mouthpiece on the Shoei VFX-W K-Dub 2 maintains the reputation of high level durability. Wire mesh covers the ventilation opening to keep roost from entering the helmet which has been backed by a removable and washable foam filter. Shoei uses a strip of the AIM+ shell material in the mouthpiece to make sure nothing gets through.

Shoei is confident in their product and offer a 5 year warranty on the VFX-W helmet line.

The Shoei VFX-W K-Dub 2 helmet comes with a soft nylon drawstring helmet bag.

Suggested Retail Price: $622.99

MotoSport.com Price: $564.99