Got pegs?

Dirt bike foot pegs.

You need them or you can't ride. At least very well. And to ride well, you need foot pegs that provide grip and feel comfortable as you shift, brake and hold on for dear life.

Most riders, it seems, simply hold out with the stock foot pegs until they truly need new ones. As long as you're not slipping, having trouble shifting or braking and you have no real complaints using them, then you're good to go.

Quite often though, you might not realize what's missing until you fix on a new pair with a wider girth and sharper teeth. The big problem is the practicality of "trying on" several models to see what you like best. Realistically, it's just not going to happen which is why most riders adjust to the situation and grab new ones when it matters.

Regardless, when it comes down to it the most common reasons for replacing foot pegs include:

  • Too small or narrow
  • No grip
  • Get compacted with mud
  • Just don't feel right
  • Weight reduction
  • Cooler ones exist

Foot pegs help fill in the piece of the overall puzzle when it comes to stepping on the podium or spending a day on the trails splashing through mud bogs and besting fallen logs. Most aftermarket foot pegs are wider than stock and of course offer better grip especially if you're replacing old, warn out pegs. If you're riding Moto and looking for weight reduction most also come in a pound lighter than stock. Doesn't sound like much but as you work on shedding weight it all adds up.

So which new pegs to get? You've got two choices when it comes to foot pegs: Affixed teeth (or cleats) and replaceable.

You'll notice most of the regular (affixed teeth) foot pegs look similar and vary only in weight and style of teeth. Cost ranges from under $100 like the IMS Super Stock Footpegs to the $350 Raptor Titanium Footpegs. The difference? The IMS pegs are stainless steel and the Raptors are of course titanium.

The biggest knock against regular foot pegs is once they get dull you either replace the whole peg or spend time filing the teeth sharp again. Remember, you also get what you pay for. A titanium peg is likely to withstand a hard crash better than steel or aluminum.

As for the replaceable style, Fastway is probably the most popular brand with Turner and Pro Taper right behind. You'll notice right away how much they stand out from the foot peg crowd. They look slick which is one reason why riders put them on. Don't rule out the effect of the intimidation factor and these pegs bring it!

The primary benefit is once the replaceable teeth wear down you simply replace them. But the biggest hassle is the replaceable teeth falling off which happens. It's also one more item on your pre-ride checklist: Tighten all the teeth. Pro Taper makes a fully replaceable cleat while Fastway and Turner have the individual teeth which are more susceptible to falling off. The teeth are often sold separately which some riders see as a turn off for this style.

Fastway also offers a patented adjustable system that allows you to mount the foot pegs in two different positions giving you an additional option for finding the right comfort level for your body type and style of riding.

Dirt bike foot pegs are easy to install and generally last several years unless a crash takes them out beforehand.