It's been quite the year for MotoSport-sponsored rider Kacy Martinez on the Factory FMF/KTM Off-Road team.

She started the defense of her 2014 Grand National Cross Country series Championship with three straight wins in the Women's class (WXC) before a second place finish at Big Buck ended her streak. But she returned with five straight wins and wrapped up the 2015 Championship three weeks ago at the very tough Snowshoe, with four rounds remaining, just like she did last year. Oh, she also took a Bronze medal for Women's Enduro X last month in the X Games. Then two days later, she dominates GNCC Round 8.

GNCC is on a three-month long summer break picking back up in September and Martinez has no intention of dialing back her intensity, bad news for her competitors. She wants to win and plans to resume the strong riding that's secured her two Championships in just three years of riding the series.

But for now, she's taking a much needed and well-deserved rest so we caught up with her busy schedule of swimming, friends and boating.

1. How does this Championship feel compared to last year's?

This second Championship is a great accomplishment to me. Being able to win a GNCC Championship while growing up in Northern California and living on the west coast and flying to all the races is huge. It feels awesome to be able to back up my first Championship with another in back to back years!

2. With four rounds remaining, do you finish just as hard or take it down a notch?

Definitely finish just as hard. Even though I have wrapped-up the Championship, these last four rounds are just the same as the first four rounds, I want to be on top of the box and finish off the season strong!

3. You dominated the field this year even more so than last year with your overalls higher, what factored into your 2015 Championship run?

With this year being my third year in a row now racing the GNCC series, I'm still kind of new to it. I am feeling more comfortable with the tracks and able to remember stuff from the previous year to help me with my racing this year.

4. Your only "loss" was Round 4 to Jessica Patterson but you still finished second. Does that "2" on the stat line bother you or is it all about the Championship?

I always want to win, but if that's my worst finish for the year then I will take it. One of my goals is being consistent and I'd say finishing anywhere on the podium is consistency. When it comes down to the end of the year definitely winning the Championship is the main purpose.

5. You've finished second at Big Buck three years in a row, why is that course giving you so much trouble?

Honestly I don't know, I don't have any problem with the track and I enjoy racing there. I'm not doing anything different there then at any other races.

6. Tell us about the X Games last month.

X Games is always an exciting event where my nerves are usually a little higher than most races. I got a lot of practice in before the event and was feeling very comfortable on my bike. I practiced at a bunch of different locations which was a huge help and fun to ride a bunch of different tracks. I also tested with KTM down south riding at two different tracks. When I'm back home I have my track to practice on and (2014 Endurocross Champion) Cody Webb's track. I also took a trip up to Ty Tremaine's track right before X Games to ride on his Endurocross track and practice hitting ramps.

For the first time in X Games Endurocross they included a freestyle ramp in the course and I'd had never hit one until being up at Ty's. I felt prepared and ready to race once it came down to it. This year the track was very jumpy and I was able to hit most of the stuff in practice. There was a little down pour right before our show was about to start, which made the first couple heats very interesting. On our Main the track was still a little slick in places but still raceable. I got a good jump off the gate and was in third. I got passed in the rock turn and didn't pass back fast enough on that first lap when first and second got away. On my second lap I finally got back into third and gained a little bit from there and ran my own race to the checkered. I was very happy with another medal.

7. Two days later you race Round 8 in GNCC and tie your career best overall GNCC finish in third-place not to mention winning the Women's class. Were you exhausted by X Games or did it prove to be an extra "practice" run?

Yes, with an early flight out the next morning to Ohio I was a bit tired but got good rest the night before the GNCC. I was a little tired but ready to race. I wouldn't say it would be too much of a practice run. Usually at a GNCC on Saturday I will try and walk a lot of the track and checkout the tough sections. This time I just checked out the start and into the woods a bit, got some good dinner and off to the hotel for rest.

8. Are you returning to GNCC for 2016?

Yes, as of now the plan is to.

9. What other races are you looking to compete in?

Coming up here pretty soon I will be racing a National Enduro before the GNCC series start back up. I have never raced one before, and I am very excited to try it out.

10. What are you doing during the summer break to stay on top for the final GNCC rounds?

First off, I take a break from riding and training. During that time my favorite things to do is hangout with family and friends. I love to go boating, relax on the beach and go swimming in my parent's pool. But, once the vacation time is over I jump right back into training and riding.

11. There are also plans for you to teach a women's dirt bike riding class at Washougal this year. What can you tell us about that?

Yes, I actually haven't heard too much on it yet but I do know it's at Washougal and not sure on the dates yet. I am very excited to be teaching to women and girls and giving back to the sport. I love seeing female riders enjoying the same thing I love to do.

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