Picking a pair of Motocross boots isn't like shoe shopping.

Sure, style comes into play but it takes a back seat to comfort and purpose. You might try on several pairs of riding boots until you get the right fit but also feel protected while flexible enough to easily use the brake and shift pedals.

Then you'll realize the model you're about to lay down a chunk of cash for is best suited for trail riding when you're a Moto rider. Or you won't have anything left in your bank account to buy a helmet. A wide variety of dirt bike boots exist in a range of prices with a variety of best uses.

It can get frustrating choosing the right one especially when the price tag climbs higher and higher. So, we'll try and make it easy. Rory Sullivan, who knows a thing or two about racing and riding trails, has worked his way through many pairs over the years and ironed out the bugs he's encountered when trying to get the right fit. So we asked him his thoughts when he wasn't out riding.

1. The Budget Friendly Motocross Boots

Everyone loves the sound of budget friendly. An inexpensive riding boot isn't necessarily cheap, as in cheaply made. All the major manufacturers have entry level boots designed to withstand the elements and protect your feet and ankles.

When looking for any type of boot you want solid ankle support and the Fly Maverick Boots deliver at a cost around $100. Other specs include:

  • Steel toe guard
  • Leather heat shield
  • Articulated rear ankle
  • Shin protection
  • Added grooves and texture for shifting

2. No Longer a Beginner Motocross Boots

Once you've got gate drops down or can blaze through the trails relatively uninhibited it's time to upgrade. You need stronger support, more durability and additional features that compliment your aggressive riding style and increasing speed.

The Alpinestars Tech-3 Boots add some additional enhancements you'll enjoy while keeping the price tag at a relatively modest $200. Other specs include:

  • Bio-mechanical medial "flexi-blade" system
  • Medial-facing texture patterning for grip
  • Polymer and nylon buckle closures are ratchet self-aligning with memory
  • Integrated soft foam padding surrounds the ankles
  • Stamped steel toe guard

3. Stepping on the Podium Motocross Boots

You're now winning races, or at least stepping on the podium. If you're still of the age where Mom and Dad provide all the support then you could probably convince them the Alpinestars Tech-5 Boots deserve to be in your arsenal at $270. This upgrade includes C.E. certification thanks to the dual-compound foot shell that raises the level of safety and provides impact and abrasion resistance.

Other specs include:

  • Redesigned instep and Achilles accordion flex zones
  • Anatomically profiled polymer shin plate
  • Exclusive dual-compound sole
  • Memory and quick-release buckle system
  • Soft polyester foam gives shock absorption for the ankles and collar

4. Pro-AM Motocross Boots

You're now a pro, at least on your way to becoming one. Nevertheless, you're looking for full sponsorship so until you do stick with the same company and grab the Alpinestars Tech-10 Boots.

Just walking to the gates wearing these could make the competition shudder a bit, unless of course they're wearing them too. You're definitely tapping into the budget, but with holeshots and race wins the $600 should be no problem. The Tech-10 adds to the enhancements and features you enjoyed from the Tech-5 and then some. Other specs include:

  • New closure system features aluminum frame
  • Ankle brace system controls ankle and leg rotation
  • Shock absorbing padding on the heel and ankles
  • Shin zone prevents frontal hyperextension with greater flex control
  • Front and rear sliding blades

All of the above dirt bike riding boots manage well on the trails or off-road riding under similar circumstances. So, for example, if you're new to dirt bikes and looking to check out nearby trailheads don't bust the budget until you're whipping between the trees and crossing streams like a seasoned pro.

5. Just Ride Dirt Bike Boots

Not everyone races and that includes you. If adventure riding in the backcountry is your thing then an all-purpose boot, built well with solid protection can be found in the Sidi Discovery Rain Boots.

The waterproof barrier is perfect for splashing around in puddles and the soft rubber sole keeps your feet on the pegs regardless of the conditions. You'll notice the soles look very much like a warehouse style work boot and indeed Sidi is a top workhorse. Other specs include:

  • Nylon insole
  • Replaceable buckle system with memory retention
  • Sweat evaporation liner
  • Shock resistant, anatomically shaped heel
  • Slim, cool non-bootie design

Consider this list a starting point to help you find the right dirt bike boots. Other styles and models exist from a number of manufacturers so compare and contrast with other boots of equal value and weight and you'll be styling in no time and riding just as quick.

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