"Here Sprocket!"

"Holeshot. Stay!"


You know you've entered a die-hard Moto household when even their dog's name echoes a part off a dirt bike, something you hear in the pit or read about in race results. Plenty of possible dog names exist within the realm of Motocross - some obvious, some you have to think about.

The beauty of naming your dog is you don't really need to stay within the confines of what's considered normal. Sure "Rex," "Fido," "Buddy," "Bella," and the like all make great dog names. They are also on the Top Dog Names list or most popular dog names list every year. So, if you want to step outside the box, and show your love of Moto through your dog (or cat), then check out these possible Motocross dog names.

What's more, many of these dog names apply to both males and females!

  1. Tank

"Gas Tank" doesn't work so well, but a large Rottweiler, Labrador or a Bulldog like Trey Canard's could certainly go by the name of "Tank." This name should probably should be left to the males.

Trey Canard and his Bulldog - Photo: Trey Canard

  1. Endo

You'll never want to experience an endo. But "Endo" the dog? He's the friendliest pooch around.

  1. Sprocket

This just rules for a dog's name.

Tim Morais and Sprocket - Photo: VitalMX

  1. Holeshot

So does this name. Seriously, if you have two dogs named Holeshot and Sprocket you should get free entry into every Motocross event for life.

  1. Rusty

"Rusty" not to surprisingly is indeed on the Top 50 Male dog names according to Dogtime.com. "Rusty" comes in at #25. Perfect for a dog, not so perfect for your dirt bike.

  1. Sparky

This is #41 on the list of popular male dog names and "Spark Plug" might even work too. It's a great name and says a lot about the dog's personality.

  1. Moto

Need we say more?

  1. Kawi

Kawasaki fans unite! Kawi not only speaks Moto but your love for the manufacturer that gets Ryan Villipoto across the finish line year after year is on full display here.

  1. Knob or Knobby

Knobby tires are your best friend on a dirt bike. And who is there to greet you when your day is done? Why, your best friend "Knobby."

  1. Loam

The best soil to ride in? Sand and Loam. So why not name your dog after what gives you a great day on the track? "Loamy" also works and if you're like most dog owners "Loam" would eventually become "Loamy" anyway.

  1. Brap

Someone, somewhere has a dog named Brap.

  1. Rider Names

No proof but this has got to be the most popular way to honor your love of Motocross and who you cheer on every weekend. "Reed," "Roxy" could be short for Roczen, "Poto," "Bubba," "Trey" and does "Dungey" work for a dog's name?

Ryan Morias with his dog - Photo: Transworld Motocross

Have you named your dog or even cat, hamster, rabbit or whatever pet you have, something Moto? Let us know the best Motocross pet names you've heard over the years.