Marchesini Rock Wheels incorporates an innovative technical content that enhances and updates what you've come to expect from traditional wheels and spokes. Not only has Marchesini reduced the number of spokes from 36 to 32 but a new set-screw locking mechanism allows perfect rim-spoke coupling thus eliminating the tedious spoke alignment process.

The Marchesini Rock Wheel brings a higher resistance to impacts and jumps, directional changes, and braking and acceleration while reducing the overall weight. The lightweight hub is made from a solid block and cleaning is a snap because dust doesn't accumulate around the spoke nipples like traditional spoked wheels. What's more, the Rock Wheel removes the widely used punched spoke holes.

Check out all the specs of the Marchesini Rock Wheel combo which includes both front and rear or if you just need to replace one wheel you can grab a front or rear wheel individually.