Club Name: Treasure Valley Trail Machine Association

Year Founded: Early 1980's

Number of Members: Approximately 150

Home city: Boise, Idaho


Member dues: $40 per year/per family

1. What is TVTMA's primary goal?

TVTMA's goal is to promote and protect single-track off-road opportunities in Idaho.

2. Describe the club's involvement in trail maintenance and other land managing activities.

TVTMA is VERY involved with maintaining and protecting sustainable trails in Idaho's wilderness. Every year TVTMA does several work weekends where our members spend significant time and effort clearing downed trees, doing tread work and assisting state and federal agencies. TVTMA also does fund-raisers every year and donates some of the proceeds to the Idaho Recreation Council and the Blue Ribbon Coalition to help ensure trail access. TVTMA members are also very active in the administrative side of land access issues and work with local, state and federal agencies to help maintain access to trails by Idaho recreationists.

3. I've never ridden a dirt bike and I don't have any equipment - how can TVTMA help?

TVTMA hosts frequent rides and monthly meetings where folks interested in dirt biking can attend. Our members are exceptionally friendly and we frequently take new members under our wing to help them learn the ropes.

4. What do you believe is TVTMA's biggest contribution to riding?

TVTMA's hard work building and maintaining trails is our largest contribution.

5. TVTMA hosts a lot of rides - how many a year?

TVTMA usually hosts between 10 and 20 rides per year. We have rides for all skill levels and frequently have rides just for kids.

6. Is there that "one" event all members look forward to each year?

The Chili Ride in March is usually very well attended.

7. Why join the TVTMA?

Your membership dues and hard work directly benefits trail riding opportunities for Idaho residents. Plus, we always have a lot of fun and the food is outstanding!

8. Why "ride" Idaho?

There are very few states that offer the diversity in terrain Idaho does. Idaho has thousands of miles of pristine single track trail - it's hard to ride the same trail twice in one year. Not a better place to ride in the country.