One of the most important aspects to Motocross training is actually done off the bike.

You won't break out in a sweat, develop muscle cramps or beg your trainer for mercy. It all starts in the comforts of your own kitchen. Nutrition is just as important to success on the track as learning the fundamentals of dirt bike riding.

Eating right not only allows you to endure the punishment a Motocross track dishes out, but the right foods also enable your body to take on the challenges of Motocross and recover quicker from injury. A healthy "Motocross diet" is key to maintaining a high level of energy, strength, stamina and mental awareness - all vital to competing and winning.

If you're serious about the moto lifestyle, then know that the accompanying diet is also a lifestyle. When friends want to head to the local greasy spoon to wolf down a burger and fries - sure you can tag along but don't expect to participate in their culinary habits.

The best motocross diet contains a lot of carbohydrates from fresh foods. Protein and fat are also important but the majority of your calories should come from carbs and not the processed or refined sugar type. Say goodbye to alcohol, colas and other "juice drink" type beverages that contain little if any fruit juice.

To help you get started we've boiled it down to a simple and easy guide to follow:

  1. Hydration

First things first - drink lots of water. Hydration is a key part to a successful motocross nutrition plan. Yes, water can be consumed in the form of 100 percent juice and vegetable drinks as well as milk but drink plenty of the clear stuff too. Water is vital on practice and race days. Feeling like you can race through thirst is one thing, doing it is another. Dehydration affects your muscles and overall alertness. Your body eventually begins to bog down and the stamina needed to race wears thin quickly.

  1. Vegetables, fruits and whole grains

Sounds like we're promoting the ole nutrition pyramid you probably learned in grade school. Yep, it's true. Fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains - not the refined white flour stuff - help open the throttle on overall health and well-being. The vitamins, minerals and fiber offered by these foods keep your body working optimally, keep you alert, and help shorten recovery time from hardcore practice days.

Fresh fruits and vegetables make up the Motocross Diet

Pasta is a common pre-race food for marathon runners and it should be for you when preparing for a race. Avoid cheap high-processed white flour pasta in favor of whole grain semenola and/or durum among other options.

  1. Lean Meats

Dumping the cheeseburger is not an absolute - you can still enjoy a cheeseburger but not the dripping grease bomb that typically describes one of America's favorite foods. Lean meats, including beef, but primarily fish and poultry (eggs are great!) provide high quality protein that help rebuild muscles, increase strength and improve performance. So that cheeseburger? Lean beef, a slice of cheddar, tomato and onion on a whole grain bun.

  1. Snacking

Snacking is a must! But not the chips and coke type of snacking. This is where your fruit comes in. Snack on oranges, bananas, blueberries, strawberries, anything fruit. Carrots, celery, peanut butter and beans are powerhouses too. Keep the processed oily and salty foods to a minimum and stock up on fresh foods that pack tones of nutrition and hydrate as well.

  1. Avoid Big Meals

Your new motocross diet is unlikely to leave you feeling like a brick is stuck in your stomach. That's what you're trying to avoid anyway, right? But, overeating, even all the right foods can weigh you down and slow down your metabolism. Eat a bunch of small meals throughout the day. This provides your body with constant nourishment and you avoid that uncomfortable heavy feeling that comes with eating too much.

  1. Supplements

Taking supplements is always a personal choice and should be discussed with your doctor. However, once you've decided on supplementation we can recommend two quality products. The first is Ryno Power which you can read more about here. Ryno Power offers a "Complete System" program of supplementation or you can pick and choose specific targeted supplements.

Another product is HemoFlo which you can also read about here and how it reduces arm pump. Sooner or later, you'll experience some form of arm pump, it's just a matter of how extensive. The above diet helps reduce your chance of getting arm pump but because of the physical exertion of the sport, HemoFlo for arm pump is an exceptional addition to your Motocross diet program.

Sticking to this diet is not easy at first and sometimes not all that fun when you see others engorging on scrumptious looking but forbidden foods in the Motocross diet. But, in time not only does it become habit you'll feel better physically and mentally and even when your moto days are behind you it's something you'll likely stick with for life.