Go east.

That's apparently the simple answer to the question of where are the best places to ride dirt bikes. Trekking across the country it is clear the stronghold of dirt bike riding gets tighter the further east one goes. The Midwest and Texas are the heartland of the country but the hotbed for dirt bikes might very well be the Southeast.

The Millsaps Training Facility is in Georgia, South of the Border is in South Carolina, the first four Grand National Cross Country races occur in southeast states, and many pro riders list their hometown somewhere in Florida, and of course, the Stewart brothers reside there.

It sure doesn't seem like it gets more fertile for dirt bike riding then the Southeast and with only one area of the country left, much of which is presently under several feet of snow, it makes perfect sense why the Southeast and its more temperate climate is so popular in Moto. In case you missed it here's what we've covered with the Northeast rounding out the list:

Like all the others, this list is compiled by our readers and those who follow us on social media. To date, the Southeast received the most number of suggestions so we've reserved the Top 10 for those places getting the most number of hits though in no particular order. However, the #1 spot goes to the place receiving the most endorsements.

1. Pax Trax Motocross Park

Pax Trax received the most individual mentions thus far in our search for the best places to ride dirt bikes. Pax Trax, located in Bunnell, FL offers separate tracks for kids, intermediate riders and pros. Loam rules here, track preparation is always top-notch and the riding, well, go and check it out for yourself.

Photo: Pax Trax Motocross Park

2. Monster Mountain MX Park

Built on 200 acres of land, Monster Mountain in Tallassee, AL has something for everyone. An oval dirt track, a pit bike track, a radio control car track, a GP track that's home for the Southeast Vintage MX club and the main track is 1.35 miles long with more than 50 feet of elevation on one side and features a little something called "The Stairway to Heaven."

Photo: Monster Mountain MX Park

3. County Line MX

We're not sure if the mini pond in the middle of the track is a water feature, water hazard or fishing hole for when riding is done. Whatever the case, a great looking track surrounded by land and forest. Countyline is located in Bolton, NC right on the Brunswick and Columbus county lines.

Photo: Countyline Motocross Park

4. Offroad Adventures - Durhamtown Plantation

Durhamtown Plantation in Union Point, GA is more of an all-encompassing resort for off-roaders. Endless trails, Motocross tracks, onsite medical personnel, and even a repair shop in the event your dirt bike breaks down only begins to explain what happens on this 6,750 piece of property. You can rent your ride whether it is dirt bikes, ATVs or side-by-sides, of course there's camping and even a restaurant! Why go anywhere else? (Yes, Durhamtown marketing department, you can use that slogan.)

Photo: Durhamtown Plantation

5. McLarty MX Park

Described as "good clean fun in the dirt" McLarty MX Park in Horton, AL uses a proprietary blend of dirt, clay, and wood shavings.

Photo: McLarty MX

6. Muddy Creek Raceway

Home of the Tennessee National, Muddy Creek is in Blountville, TN is nearly 40 years old and hosts a number of other race events. Like all the other stops on the Pro Motocross schedule, Muddy Creek is a classic.

7. TNT Motorsports Park

Hmmm, normally we skip those parks with defunct websites (yes, we've encountered one or two along the way) but since TNT MotoSports Park in Chester, SC proved to be somewhat popular among the populace we'll include it. But, sadly, we have no track info to pass on because their Website. Doesn't. Work!

8. ClubMX

ClubMX might sound more like a training facility, because it is, but it's also open simply for practice. Stay for the day or a year, yes you can actually stay there for a year, ClubMX in Chesterfield, SC primarily offers training for the rider looking to really up their game but anyone at any level wanting to ride a challenging track can come out and play.

Photo: ClubMX

9. Golden Pines Raceway

Golden Pines Raceway in Prentiss, MS is located on 91 acres with a track that accommodates all levels of expertise and features natural elevation changes, sandy soil and large obstacles. The Loretta Lynn's South Central Youth Regional Motocross Championship qualifier is held here in June and the track is part of the District 19 Championship series.

Photo: Golden Pines Raceway

10. Dade City Motocross

One respondent said Dade City MX in Florida offers good food, great people and an awesome track that is very well organized and rider friendly. Opened in 1979, Dade City MX hosts championship racing series in 20 classes from youngsters in the Pee Week class up to the Plus 45 group and they host a rider school on Saturdays.

Photo: Dade City Motocross

The number of suggestions for places to ride dirt bikes in the American Southeast surpassed the number from any other section. In the Midwest we detailed more than 10 but since so many remain and we'd rather not leave any out we'll break it down by state and include even those that got just one mention.

But first, you might have noticed two very well-known tracks omitted from the list. Gatorback Cycle Park and Loretta Lynn's. Gatorback Cycle Park in Florida, home of the Mini Os, is only open for racing events and a practice day prior to each event. Loretta Lynn's in Tennessee is only open once a year for competition and then returns to its original state as a horse pasture.

Additional Places to Ride in the Southeast:

Alabama: Crossbone MX Ranch
Florida: County Line Motocross
Georgia: Highland Park, Paradise Offroad Park
Mississippi: Veterans MX Park
North Carolina: East Bend Motorsports, Wide Open Motocross Park
South Carolina: Carolina Adventure World
Tennessee: Fast Farms MX Park