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Q: How often should I bleed the forks on my dirt bike?

A: Bleeding the forks on your dirt bike is crucial for the suspension to work properly. In fact it's one of the most important suspension maintenance checks. Thankfully, it one of the easiest things to do. The bleed screw sits next to (or on top of) the compression adjuster or the clickers.

If you don't bleed the forks, expect a harsh suspension and in extreme cases causes the fork seals to fail, among other avoidable problems. Bleed the forks when the bike is cold, resting on a stand with the forks unloaded, front wheel off the ground. Forks build up pressure from riding, elevation changes and even being tied down in the trailer, van or truck for long trips.

Twist the bleeder screw counterclockwise until the air hisses out. You will hear it. Once you have released the air, tighten the screw. That's it. You have bled the forks. It's worth doing before every ride since it takes just a few seconds.

If you want an even easier method to bleeding the forks install a fork bleeder. All you do is push the button. No screw driver necessary.