Renthal sponsors racers from all over the world, from nearly every genera of racing. And as such has won a total of 142 World Titles and 111 US Titles with riders using Renthal products. At Renthal there is a common saying that rings true in any form of racing. "A fraction of a second, a few grams, a couple of millimeters... Attention to every small detail is what it takes to be the best. Everyone dreams of success but achieving it takes relentless commitment and effort."

It is this obsession for detail, quality and engineering that makes Renthal products the finest on the market today. Two of the top three riders in the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championships use Renthal grips, chain wheels and handle bars. Both Chad Reed and Ryan Villopoto have been long time users of Renthal products and attribute much of their success to the research and development put in by Renthal.

When choosing your next set of grips, chain wheel or set of handlebars, look no further than Renthal. Trust in what works, trust in Renthal.

See below for a spec breakdown of the Product of the Week, the Renthal Rear Sprocket.

When replacing the rear sprocket on your motorcycle, the Renthal Rear Sprocket is an excellent choice and stronger than most other brands!

Renthal Rear Sprockets are manufactured out of a high strength, specially enhanced 7075 T6 aluminum alloy - which has strength comparable to steel - and makes the Renthal rear sprocket one of the most durable aluminum rear sprockets on the market.

Renthal Rear Sprockets have an unequaled accuracy of fit, tooth profile, and concentric cut for longevity & maximum power transfer.

Renthal Rear Sprockets are available in silver, black for all models. Blue, or red are for specified models only.

Image is for reference only, actual product may vary.

Profile your ride with Renthal's ride selector to see what size and color Renthal Rear Sprockets we have available for your motorcycle.